Saturday, June 27, 2015


Today is a new day. Yay. Yesterday's post was really tough. I am so glad it is out though. I feel lighter today. I feel like everyone knows now.  Phew!! I am not hiding behind it anymore. It is what it is. All the shame, embarrassment, and guilt the divorce has caused me to feel is gone today. That feels good to say. I am sure it will rear its head again but, I will just have to shove it away again and that is OK. Today. I am holding my head up high.

Today, what ever you are hiding behind or wanting to get off your chest. I hope you can begin to let it out, too. Let go. And then let God take it from there. That is what I am doing!! Its easier said than done. When you are ready... yoU will!!!

Happy Saturday to you!!


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