Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And Now A Matthew Moment

Yes, it is Wednesday. I usually have no words on Weds, but because it has been a while since I have posted anything and because Matt has done it again. Here we go. Words on Wednesday. Just this once.

This morning Matt had made himself a bowl of cereal. He was eating it quietly. Miracle. So I decided perfect time to take a quick potty break. Only had to #1. TMI? Sorry. And since AJ was upstairs and Matt was eating I thought not only will I "go" but I would sit a minute and read a few pages of Stories From Candy Land (Candy Spelling's book) that I have been reading (when I can). Yes, reading a few pages of a book in my own space for even a minute. Its the little things people. BUT of course I was quickly whisked away from visions of the Spelling Mansion by a little knock on the door. Dang reality!! Then the door opens. Doh! I thought I locked it!! Who is to appear but none other than Matthew. "Yes!" I say. "Mom, what are you doing?" Really? Yes. "What does it look like Matt?" As I put my ripped magazine page book mark back in my book on to page 53. At this rate I will have to return it to the library before I can read it all. :( I have already rechecked it twice. Sigh. He says, "I finished my cereal." "Ok." "Now I want dessert", he says. So, I ask what it is he wants for dessert and that after breakfast we don't really have dessert yada yada yada. He says he wants some Hershey's chocolate. I say, "what?". And then ask him to please let me, ehem finish up and I will (I guess) get him some when I am done.

So, I finish up in the bathroom. Then go find Matt. He is now upstairs in grossed in an episode of some Disney show. I call up for him and say are you ready. "Ready for what?" he asks. Oh, no he didn't. I say, "Uh your dessert!". Oh, yeah. I by then am in the pantry and walk in and find this. See picture. About the same time Matt is walking in and then hangs his head. I asked him if he did this. Helped himself to some dessert. He says, "No!" And I say well then we must have a big rat. He then tries to tell me it must have been his brother. Ahhhh! He finally admits that he took a bite and did not wait for me. So he then got sent to his room for lying.

I ask you. WHY didn't he just got at it in the first place? I could have read a whole chapter and he could have eaten the whole thing! We would have both made out like bandits. ;) Right? If he was just going to go behind my back and get it anyway.

Oy that boy!!!


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