Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cold and Flu Season=Soup and Stew Season

I have had Strep the last several days. You know, as I get older-ish, I must say that "being/getting" sick has a new set of terms. This time around it really knocked me off my feet. And it seems to take me longer to feel myself again. Yuck. Anyway, today with all the rain and the fact that the penicillin shot I got finally kicked in. I felt like some hearty soup! So I broke out one of my favorite recipes for Creamy Cauliflower Bisque. It is super easy to make. And it is so good to eat! Thought I would post the recipe. For the most part you just throw it all in the crock pot. I love my crock pot! So, I just put it all in this morning and then back to bed. Later I will finish it up and serve it with bread and a side salad for me and the Husband and with chicken nuggets for the boys. Brenda and The Boys give this soup 8 thumbs up! If you try it, let me know how you and your family liked it! *You can click on the pictures to enlarge and print. And if you don't have time to chop fresh potatoes and onion. They also sell frozen ones in your market. I think it should taste just as good. Might save you some time, too!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My babies!

I ran into these pics the other day. Can you tell who is who? They were both between 9 and 11 months old in the pics. I loved these pjs! Kept them of course. Oh, how fast they grow. It seems like yesterday when I took these pictures.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ta Da!!

Matthew is a big boy now! I don't have babies anymore. In the last few weeks he has gone without a single pottty accident. He was still going #2 in his pants about two weeks ago. :( He read his first book this week. Thank you Leap Frog and Starfall.com. I can't keep him away from the computer. And he wants to try and read everything. Crazy. He can buckle his own car seat. He starts up and sets up the Wii by himself. All in a few weeks time. What?! Too much! He will be 4 in December. I am having a hard time with that. Four. There is no turning back. This is it! He is a big boy now. And it seems like faster and faster he is doing more and more on his own. He even wants to get dressed on his own. Picks out his clothes etc. He still needs help with shoes but, that is about it. I have been waiting for a few of these things to happen. It just seems that they are all happening at once. And don't get me started on Alex. He will be 7 before I know it. I can't take it. Time goes by so fast. I can't keep up. Someone get me a tissue.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Matthew's First Day at the Weekday Learning Center.

Yesterday was Matthew's first day of school at the WLC. He was excited! And so was I. That meant I would have some 'me' time for most of the afternoon! This year he is in the Beavers classroom with Ms. Kathy and Ms. Cheryl. One of his BFs is in his class, Lexi Coker. They both wore their Buc-ee's shirts to school! Here are a few pics of my sweet boy on his first day back to WLC!


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