Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear UST,

Dear University of St. Thomas-Houston,

Thank you so much for these brothers from other mothers!! They have grown from boys to men right before my eyes. It gives me such comfort knowing that these guys are in my life. They are the best friends/brothers a girl could have and ever dream of. We have all been through so much together. Our bond just continues to grow stronger. I love them.

Thank you, UST for bringing us all together. 



Friday, March 25, 2011

Cartoon Fun

And Now A Matthew Moment: The Claritin Caper Part Deux

Where to start. Well, first of all. Brenda and The Boys are allergy sufferers. We take medication daily for allergies. Dust, pollen, pet dander, blah, blah, blah. On top of that Matthew and I have asthma. So, we have take our meds every day. The boys take Claritin (A tiny little chewable purple pill). Well, they are supposed to take it. Alex does without fail. My oldest rule follower child! Thank you, AJ. Matthew on the other hand has different ideas. Schemes. And tricks, when it comes to the taking of his pill. He first displayed such trickery back in June of last year. See the link below to read about his first allergy pill scheme. I thought I give them the pill and they take it. Done. BUT no, if you read the link, it turns out that Matthew does not like to take the purple pill some days and so he gets rid of it. The first time as you read or will read by throwing it away. But ah ha he was caught! And punished! And his mom and dad thought that he would not do that again. Because we showed him! Turns out he showed us. AGAIN! Last week. Alex and KP were at work and school already. Matt slept in. When he woke up he ate breakfast and drank his chocolate milk (Matt for coffee). Afterwards, I said, "Its time to take your medicine." He followed me to my bathroom. I gave him the pills and he took them and walked quickly out of my room with the pills in hand. Hmmmm. He is up to something I thought. So, I whipped around the corner and he was running up the stairs. I called to him. "Matt!" No answer. "MAAAATT!!" No answer. This time as I am running and panting up the stairs, I say it again. "MATT!" This time a faint answer comes from his bathroom. "What?" I get to the bathroom and he hurries out. I ask him what he is doing and he shrugs his shoulders. I ask, "Did you take your medicine?!" He nods yes. I don't say it but, I don't believe him. Here is where Matthew is caught. See he does not know that I watch alllllllllot of forensic shows. And so I have a TV degree in forensic science. I ask him to open his mouth. I see no purple residue stuck to his teeth. See my forensic expertise tells me that if he had chewed the chewable alllergy pill than there should be some reminisce of the pill still in his mouth or teeth. He, he. I am so smart. Well, when I question him again this time he tells me by pointing his finger where the pill actually was. This is the part where I have no clue not even forensic science can help me figure out why and how he figured out to drop his pill so fast into the BATH TUB DRAIN!!! AHHHHHHHH. Yes! As you can clearly see in the pics. His pill. Its in there. He dumped it in the drain. SO now, I have to watch him eat the pill. Oh, and he is hating that. He does not want to be watched! Ha. Sorry, Matthew. You once again are busted. Like so many Matthew Moments before, I ask you kind folk....Where in the world does he come up with these things??? I can't make this stuff up. Seriously!

The First Claritin Caper:

Can you see it?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And Now A Matthew Moment

I told you guys my day wasn't over. This just is Matthew sitting on the counter getting gum out of his hair minutes ago. Thank goodness for peanut butter.  Otherwise he'd have a funny new haircut. The gum was stuck to his hair and scalp in two places. He was pretty upset. It hurt to get it out and he was embarrassed. As you can see he did not want his picture taken. :-( Can you see the tear sitting on his cheek? Poor guy. He found the gum in my secret stash. Guess I need to find a new "secret" hiding place. With that....this day is finally a wrap! Tomorrow is a new day.
No pictures please.
Can you see the big tear on his cheek?
So sad.
What a mess!?

I'm Just Saying

My day. In a nut shell. So far. Ramblings. Just stuff I wanna say and share. Woke up on time. Early. Got dressed and ready. Made the lunches. Did all the stuff that everyone needs done before they have to walk out the door. The reminders. Reminding them to brush hair, teeth, take their vitamins. All the while forgetting sometimes to brush my own teeth or take my own vitamins. So up on time,  BUT still got out the door late. UGH. Dropped Matt off at the preschool LATE UH-gain. Really? Why? What is it? I just can't ever get there and in the car line ON TIME! Ahhhhh. Nothing new there though. Glad KP is going to be driving both boys to elementary come August. Phew! I did manage to make it to my doctor appt. on time thankfully. Then waited. No biggie I got to catch up on the 11 Words With Friends games I had waiting. What did I ever do without my iPad? Seriously, Maxi is part of the family. An appendage. A lifeline. Love her. I am lost without her. Didn't even crack open a free peek at the People mags the doc had. Crazy! Who am I? And I don't care that I have to carry a diaper bag sized purse in order to tote Maxi around. Ha. Once they called me back, of course I had to hop on the scale. UGH! I new I had gained but, then in a matter of seconds the truth is numerically staring at me in the face. :P Truth hurts. Sigh. Then the nurse asks me how tall I am. In my case she should ask how short I am. Really. I know elementary kids taller than me. Sad. What? Doctor? Why? Oh, had to go get all my asthma and allergy med prescripts up to date. Refill time. Pollen is on the attack. Can I add a quick A to the men that I can now get Allegra OTC?! After the doc electronically sent my new prescripts over to "My HEB"...yeah email. No more chicken scratch on a notepad. Click and pick up! Love it. Next, I met my BF TG at La Villa for some catch up time aka Peace. Love. Chips and Salsa. Yea, apparently the numbers on the scale didn't scare me enough to keep me away from eating Mexican food today. Sigh. TG = Tall Girl by the way. A little term of endearment that I have for my sweet very tall friend. Yes, I am short and everyone is taller than me... but, TG is supermodel tall. And supermodel gorgeous, too. Hanging out with her is always a treat. A happy pill for sure. Laughs and warm fuzzies all around. Love her! ;) After that we swung by Cyrese and Co. in Kingwood. Cause there is nothing like knowing how much you weigh, then stuffing your face and then going with your supermodel tall friend to a cute boutique with cute clothes! Right? Super cute store for sure. I was a first timer. I got some earrings. One size fits all giant square diamond "looking" studs. OMGosh. Too fun! Bling makes it all better really. It does. Then it was car line time. First Matt. Then a quick trip to my HEB to pick up those scripts and a few things for dinner. Then car line #2. Picked up AJ. Then home. And I swear he must be about to grow a few inches because Alex has come home for the past several days and has been hangry (hungry + angry) and super sleepy! He is sleeping right now!! Growing boy? I guess. I can hardly believe that it is 6 o'clock already. Where does it go? Really? Where? And this week? Tomorrow is Friday. For the love. Well, that was my day. Morning and afternoon. It ain't over yet!

I'm just saying.

Angry Birds Party

For his 8th birthday Alex wanted an Angry Birds themed party. For those of you that don't know, Angry Birds is a very addicting game and iTunes app. We all play it in our house. Alex says, "It is the best game EVER!!" It is also available for Android now as well. When he told me this is what he wanted I told him we probably would not be able to find many things if any at all for the party if this was the theme he were to choose. It is what he really wanted. Angry Birds. Hmmm. I was up to the challenge. Angry Birds it was, so first off I enlisted my friend, Stephanie to help with the invites. For reals, she can whip anything up and out in no time on her computer. Thanks, SKD. Next, I got on ebay to see what else I could find. I did not find anything as far as party goods or favors go. I did find a personalized edible picture for the top of the cake. Woohoo! I used paper plates in red (birds) and green (pigs). The goody bags were fun. Since the party was the end of Feb/ early March that meant Easter stuff was already out. Easter isn't until April 24, but, lucky for me Peeps (birds!) and other easter candies were already in stores. Yeah and Yum. ;) They made for some fun edibles for the treat bags. I got the rest of the things I needed for the bags at Oriental Trading. Love that site! Voila! A few things went a long way I think! Alex loved it!! That is all that mattered, right?? Check it.....

Thank you SKDement for creating and printing
the invites for us.
For the goody bags, I used blue Peeps and yellow Peeps for the birds and
 chocolate Golden Eggs. If you play the game...well you know why!
Of course no Angry Birds goody bag is complete without
a sling shot to catapult the birds! I got sponge balls
in the color of the different birds. I didn't want anyone getting hurt
is why they are spongy. Plus I thought when used outside
you could wet them and shoot them! Splash!

I also used Angry Birds colors for the goody bags.
Luckily,  I had these already on hand. Score.
Here is the Angry Bird goody bag final product!
I did not have time but, I wanted to make a label
for the bags that said, "Thanks for flying over to help me
celebrate!".  I was going to put Angry Bird
clip art on the label, too. Next time! ;) 
Here is his cake. I ordered the
personalized edible picture on ebay.


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