Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sampling some sounds at Best Buy

I'm Just Saying

Watching Tim McGraw on Ellen DeGeneres on the DVR. It is better than the first cup of morning coffee. Itsa big o' cupa Tim! He is one of my all TIMe fave people on the planet. I so wanna see his new movie, Country Strong. And I was just thinking that it would also be spectacular if Tim and Justin Timberlake would record a duet together. Just saying.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

DSied and Alexed.

Alex has a Nintendo DSi. It has a camera built in that he is able to take pics with and then photoshop if wants. He had a DS that Matthew now uses. Just let me tell you first off that the DS or DSi are awesome! It has provided many hours of entertainment as well as some peace and quiet and longer meals at restaurants for this mom! I highly recommend.

Back to the hours of entertainment. One day not long ago I heard Alex giggling quite a bit so I asked him to show me what he was up to. See I am a girl with only a sister. We played with Barbies, listened to music, painted our nails. I never had a handheld gaming system or a brother to know what these things can do. He has always just played his games etc. What Alex showed me was all the pictures that he had taken since he got it almost a year ago. He has shared some pics before. Landscapes, places we've gone, an ocasional one of me in a room of the house, the dog, BUT, (you knew there was a but coming didn't you?) I had never really seen "all" the photoshopping he had been doing! And how many members of our family had fallen victim to the artistic and creative photoshop job by AJ! That said, I asked him if I could copy some of his best work and pictures he has taken to share on my blog. He of course was very pleased and excited to share with me and you. So here are a few pics he has created. There are a ton! And some are self portraits as well. Those are my fave. He is so cute, silly, creative, I could go on and on. I won't. You're welcome. I will share a few with you now and from time to time. Like I said there are a ton. Enjoy! And I give you permission to LOL. They are pretty funny.

He told me that he thought this flight attendant was pretty.

KP with some shades on. Don't you love how he placed them
on his nose as if KP was looking down at Alex.


Very funny Alex.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to blog about the donuts.

Donuts. Matthew LOVES donuts!! Loves. His favorite food I would say. Hands down. Yes. Donuts. But if you don't believe me the proof is in the blog posts. See below. They date back to 2007. He was born in 2005. So the love affair began when he was two I guess. Uh, huh there are four other blog posts about Matt and donuts. On a slow news day you can always blog about donuts. :D

This brings me to this post about Matt and donuts. As you all know by now, Matthew just turned 5 on the 4th. We had a snake party here at our house. It was a wonderful day for Matt! He got many lovely gifts that he has enjoyed, BUT it was the last one he opened that he took a loving to right away. I stepped out of the room when it was opened. Boo. Everyone that saw him open it though could not stop laughing and talking about his reaction when he saw what it was. Inside the wrapping was his very own MINI DONUT MAKER!! He hugged the box and said, I love this one better than any of those other presents! Nice. My son, a 5yr old with his own small appliance. Ha. Our friends, Brandi and Allison and their families gave it to Matt. They were out shopping on Black Friday and found it and thought about Matt and his love of the donut. Thank you guys!

So this week I got all the ingredients for the first batch of Matt's homemade donuts. Both the boys helped me. It was fun. We iced them. We decorated Christmas donuts instead of Christmas cookies this year. (: Alex was amazed at how much sugar went into a donut recipe. He asked me if that was the reason I did not like them eating donuts all the time. We had a good time and I am sure there will be many more times when we will "make the donuts" and blog about it. You guys are thrilled I am sure. ;)

Here are the boys excited about being donut makers.

Here is Matt's super cute red donut maker loaded up and
ready to make.

The first batch.

Frosted up and sprinkled, too!

A very happy little boy!! I hope his dentist appt. goes well
on Wed. Could there be any more sugar on his teeth or plate?

Monday, December 13, 2010

The reason.

This morning Matthew played with his nativity. I love how he set all the Little People facing the baby Jesus. Remembering the reason for the season.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My silly boys!

While I held our place in line for Santa. My silly boys went into Barnes and Noble to look around. I looked up after a while and look what I saw. I heart them!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today, the baby of our family is five years old! I cannot believe it. Five years has just flown by. Matthew is super pumped about his birthday. Especially his snake cake. Matt is all about snakes. He knows a lot about them, too. This year he wanted a snake birthday. So, we made him a snake cake. I usually have someone (Walmart, HEB) make his cake. I am not a baker. Baking is not one of my gifts. Lol! This year though I thought how dull would it be to go with a store bought snake made out of cupcakes. Easy. But boring. So, I talked to my sister in law about making one and she said, that we could so make the cake and that there would be websites showing us how or giving us ideas. She makes all her own cakes. They are always fabulous! So, she inspired me to make Matt's cake. Jennifer found me some websites with snake cake ideas and directions. And so we made the cake. KP, me, and the boys along with some help from my friend Stephanie (who came over to help make the bundts) made the cake yesterday. I must say, I think it turned out pretty neat. Matt is happy!! That makes us happy. Happy Birthday, Matthew!! We love you!!

P.S. I think I/we just might "make the cake" again. It was fun! Alex's bday is in Feb. So, we'll see what we make next. Yeah! Stepping outside the cake box was not as scary as I thought. Sorry, Walmart and HEB...making our own cake was fun. I still have your number though. ;)


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