Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Just Saying

My day. In a nut shell. So far. Ramblings. Just stuff I wanna say and share. Woke up on time. Early. Got dressed and ready. Made the lunches. Did all the stuff that everyone needs done before they have to walk out the door. The reminders. Reminding them to brush hair, teeth, take their vitamins. All the while forgetting sometimes to brush my own teeth or take my own vitamins. So up on time,  BUT still got out the door late. UGH. Dropped Matt off at the preschool LATE UH-gain. Really? Why? What is it? I just can't ever get there and in the car line ON TIME! Ahhhhh. Nothing new there though. Glad KP is going to be driving both boys to elementary come August. Phew! I did manage to make it to my doctor appt. on time thankfully. Then waited. No biggie I got to catch up on the 11 Words With Friends games I had waiting. What did I ever do without my iPad? Seriously, Maxi is part of the family. An appendage. A lifeline. Love her. I am lost without her. Didn't even crack open a free peek at the People mags the doc had. Crazy! Who am I? And I don't care that I have to carry a diaper bag sized purse in order to tote Maxi around. Ha. Once they called me back, of course I had to hop on the scale. UGH! I new I had gained but, then in a matter of seconds the truth is numerically staring at me in the face. :P Truth hurts. Sigh. Then the nurse asks me how tall I am. In my case she should ask how short I am. Really. I know elementary kids taller than me. Sad. What? Doctor? Why? Oh, had to go get all my asthma and allergy med prescripts up to date. Refill time. Pollen is on the attack. Can I add a quick A to the men that I can now get Allegra OTC?! After the doc electronically sent my new prescripts over to "My HEB"...yeah email. No more chicken scratch on a notepad. Click and pick up! Love it. Next, I met my BF TG at La Villa for some catch up time aka Peace. Love. Chips and Salsa. Yea, apparently the numbers on the scale didn't scare me enough to keep me away from eating Mexican food today. Sigh. TG = Tall Girl by the way. A little term of endearment that I have for my sweet very tall friend. Yes, I am short and everyone is taller than me... but, TG is supermodel tall. And supermodel gorgeous, too. Hanging out with her is always a treat. A happy pill for sure. Laughs and warm fuzzies all around. Love her! ;) After that we swung by Cyrese and Co. in Kingwood. Cause there is nothing like knowing how much you weigh, then stuffing your face and then going with your supermodel tall friend to a cute boutique with cute clothes! Right? Super cute store for sure. I was a first timer. I got some earrings. One size fits all giant square diamond "looking" studs. OMGosh. Too fun! Bling makes it all better really. It does. Then it was car line time. First Matt. Then a quick trip to my HEB to pick up those scripts and a few things for dinner. Then car line #2. Picked up AJ. Then home. And I swear he must be about to grow a few inches because Alex has come home for the past several days and has been hangry (hungry + angry) and super sleepy! He is sleeping right now!! Growing boy? I guess. I can hardly believe that it is 6 o'clock already. Where does it go? Really? Where? And this week? Tomorrow is Friday. For the love. Well, that was my day. Morning and afternoon. It ain't over yet!

I'm just saying.

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