Thursday, July 09, 2015

Everyday You Have To....

Every single day is a gift, y'all. Number one. Number two. It is a CHOICE!! Yes. Everyday you have to choose what you are going to do. Once you open your eyes it is up to yoU to call it. What's it going to be??? This morning is no different for me. Those that read my post on June 26, know now. Not my choice but, KP and I are getting a divorce. Today, is another step on making it real and final. We have mediation. I know there are those of you out there that have something bigger than divorce. I may not know exactly your feelings but, I am with you. I feel you. The struggle is real!! Like really real. 

SO. It is mine and yours. Our choice to wake up and choose it up!! As for me  and today I picked getting up and going to Crossfit. Well, I chose that after Tracy's text saying, "Are you sore? Ok, Good. Now get up and let's go!" So, after that then I chose to go! Lol. But. I could have made an EXCUSE and stayed in bed worrying about today and feeling sad. Right? Ain't going down like that. 

Am I sad about what is coming later? Heck, Yes!!! Do I want to HIDE under the covers? YES!! BUT I am not. I got up. I am glad I did it. Next, I'm going to go get my hair blown out. Then I am going to get dressed in my Brenduh best and I am going to walk through those doors and face this head on and head up! 

I want you to do the same. Even if its just tackling the laundry. The dishes. The car repair man. Driving to work. Choose. Choose to face your day head on and with a confident smile!! You got this. 

Life is full of plot twists, y'all! Some good and some not so good! Best news is WE have a lil choice in how it ends. Cool right? So, whatever you may be dealing with I hope that you choose yoU. I hope you choose to be joyful, happy, loving, funny, witty....STRONG! And that's just for TODAY. Tomorrow is an entirely different day! Brand new. Clean slate. How fantastical is that!?!!?

P.S. Thank you ALL for the love, laughs, texts, calls, emails, messages, and most of all for the PRAYERS!!!! Please keep them coming!! I APPRECIATE you all so much!!! Please pray for Kevin, for Alex and Matthew, and for our family! THANK YOU!! 

Choose Life! Choose you! 

Peace and Love,

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