Friday, June 13, 2008

Brenda & The Boys in South Padre Island, Texas!

Me and the boys have been in South Padre Island, Texas for the last few days. We arrived on Tues. We leave today. Kevin had to be here for a work seminar. And thank goodness the boys and I tagged along. I have had the most incredible time. The beach here is BEAUTIFUL!!! We have had fun in the sun for sure. Alex and Matthew have been so happy to play in the sand and surf. And hang out by the pool. Yesterday, Alex kept saying, "Yay, it is summertime!" or "Mom, I am so happy it is summer!" I have enjoyed seeing their huge smiles and hearing their sweet laughter. I have really stopped and smelled the roses (sea water) and have taken in every single moment. Yesterday, we went on a dolphin watch. I lost count on how many dolphins we saw. It was AWESOME!! Then our captain took us out in the middle of the bay to watch the sunset. Wow!! In just a few short days on this amazing strip of land and sea I have felt such a surge of happiness!! Of new energy! With hopes that this summer is going to be the best ever. That I must make the most of all my days. I can't wait to post pictures. And can I get an amen for wireless internet!!!

P.S. While we were here I got to spend time with Katy Doan and her son Austin. We have known each other for several years. But we really got to spend quality time with them these last few days while the guys had to work. And, I feel like I have made a new 'girlfriend'. We have had some great talks. I hope she and I can do more things together and that our boys will get to hang out some more together. Who would have thunk? This trip that I almost did not take for my own silly reasons ended up being so cathartic for me. I hate to leave today!

I hope that you all have a GREAT weekend...wherever it may be!

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