Monday, August 25, 2008

Alex Goes To Kinder!

What a morning. Our baby's first day of Kinder.! Seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. So small. Today he is a Kindergartner. Me, Kevin, and Matthew woke up to drive Alex to school. I had done quite a bit of crying the night before so, I was hoping not to cry when we took him. At least not in front of him. He was so excited!! Which made it easier on me just a little bit. He could hardly wait to get there. Once there he unpacked his things and he was ready to go. Wish I was! I could have stayed outside his classroom door the whole time if I could have. Matthew and I then went to run a few errands with Sandi (the boys call her Sissy). That was nice because it kept me busy. Matthew really missed his big brother. He was so excited to see him when we picked him up. He yelled, "Hi, Alex! How was your Kindergarten, Alex!?" So sweet. Then later Alex asked him how his day went and Matt said, "OK, I had to go to the Target store with Mom and Sissy." Oh, my boys! I love 'em so much!!! Overall, a good day. It went by fast so that was good for me.

P.S. We (Alex) got so many phone calls asking how I was doing, or how Alex did and that just made my day. It was so nice to know people were thinking about us and that I was not alone in it all. Alex loved telling about his day. Thanks too for all the email, and posted messages, too. It meant a lot. Oh, and I can't forget a SPECIAL THANKS to my SUPER SWEET husband. He came home a little eary and brought Alex a small cake and me some flowers. The cake to celebrate his first day of school and flowers for a sad mama. Thanks, Kevin.

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Dana said...

Maybe Kevin needs to call Tim and tell him how it's done! No sympathy and no flowers here! LOL.

Glad Alex had a great first day! Such a milestone ... our boys are so big now.


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