Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Favorite Things

If you know me by now, you know I love to try out new products. If it is going to make my life a little bit easier I will try anything. So this week, I have to tell you all about my two new favorite things. One is the Swiffer Vac! We had wood floors put in last year (yes, it has been a year.) And well, along with two young boys and a dog. The floors need sweeping a lot!! So, this new little vac is AWESOME!! I just grab it and go. It does the job. Love it! It is great on tile, too. It is really light. Gets in the corners well. I think Alex may have a new chore very soon. LoL! OK, so my other new favorite thing is by Air Wick. Again because we have a little dog running around, I like to have our house smelling good. So, I typically buy Glade plug ins or the plug in oils. But I saw these new Air Wick automatic air fresheners. They are battery operated air fresheners that have a timer and release puffs of spray. They rock! I got several of them. I put a few in a couple of closets. Then put a few in the main areas. They cost about $9 for the starter kit. But I tell you they have been worth every penny. My closets smell good. And so does the rest of the house. There are 3 different time settings. And they have great fragrances to choose from. Fun!

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The McKinney's said...

I can't wait to try the sweeper vac - hopefully it will replace a live-in maid. jk


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