Friday, April 25, 2008

Carnival Day @ WLC

Yesterday was carnival day at the boy's school, The Weekday Learning Center. It was a fun day! Face painting, moonwalks, games, bubbles, snow cones, and cotton candy enjoyed by all!! I was happy to have been able to stay and watch the boys having fun with their friends.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Betty is Back!

I am so pumped about Ugly Betty!! She's back on TV tonight!! Oh, yeah!! I have missed Betty. I can't wait to see what she'll be up to next. I may even have to break out the Betty poncho to watch. Ha!

**Idol Update: OK. I could not have been more wrong about last night's Idol elimination night. The bottom two were not Brooke and Jason, but Syesha and Carly. What is up with that?! Totally wrong in my opinion. As much as I love Brooke she should have been a goner. Of the two in the bottom, I did think Syesha was better than Carly. Now it is down to 5!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brenda and The Boys Go To The Astros Game

We spent Earth Day evening with the Astros. Yup, even the Astros are going/playing green. They gave away green Astros caps and there were many booths and tables with vendors passing out freebies about going 'green' and saving our earth. It was fun! After collecting freebies and cleaning up after Matt and his baseball cap filled with ice cream...well let's just say I did not watch much of the game. But we all had a great time! Plus we went to Kim Son for dinner. Yum! It was a treat being with my guys!

Idol Watchers

Ok. If you watch American Idol what do you think? Jason and Brooke the bottom two? That is my guess. And I am going with David Cook and David Archuelta for the finale!? I am so glad David A. sang with his eyes open last night. Thank you so much Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (read w/ a british accent. Ha!) for telling him about that. I have been yelling at (the tv) David A. about that all season. Glad I am not the only one who thinks he should open his eyes when he sings. Anyhoo. It is down to 5 tonight!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

God's Will

I came across this song today while on iTunes. I had never heard it before. And well, when I did. I had to share it. Get out the tissues. It is by Martina McBride. She is a wonderful singer. She has many songs that I love. "Anyway" and "Blessed" are a few. This song, too is a real gem. I am glad I found it. Click the pic to hear it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aly!!

Today is Aly Wiggin's Birthday!! Yay!!! Happy 3rd Bday, Aly!! -Love, Aunt Brenda & The Boys

The 3 Sweaters

They walk alike, they talk alike, and sometimes they even dress alike. These boys! I love 'em!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Sister!!

Today is my sister's birthday. She is currently living in New York city. I wish we could be with her today. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, J!! We love you and miss you like crazy!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AUMC Heart and Soul Fun Run

Last Saturday, we had a Fun Run at our church. I am helping with Vacation Bible School at our church this year, along with Janelle Wiggin! This was our kick-off event to raise money for our week of VBS this summer. Janelle and I had a group of awesome people helping us to make this event a success! Here are some pictures of our "Fun" Run.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Little Grad!

Yesterday, I went with Alex and his class the Shining Stars to take their graduation pictures at Unique Images here in Humble. Yup. On May 15, Alex, will graduate from preschool. Then in August he will be a Kindergarten student at Summerwood Elementary. His teacher Ms. Chasity was so sweet to take these pictures for us and she even had them printed and ready to go home in his folder. Thanks, Ms. Chasity!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idols Sing One Of Our Faves

I thought it was cool that this week the American Idol contestants sang one of our favorite songs. Shout To The Lord is one of the first songs that the boys learned when they started at the Weekday Learning Center. Matt sings it around the house. Anyway. We watch American Idol! Go David!! Go Brooke! Last night and tonight they sang it! And the boys were singing along and lovin' it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Randy Pausch Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

This video surfaced several months ago. I watched. Then it/he appeared on Oprah. I watched. And tonight, Diane Sawyer, had a special about it/the man in the video, Randy Pausch. I watched. If you watched. Then you know. I have no words to even express what a true inspiration I think his story truly is, that I think he is. If you have the time please listen to and watch this incredible lecture. You can also buy his book. I plan to read it. I think there is a lot to be learned here. A lot yes, that we already know. But to hear it from him. The way he puts it, things, life. In perspective. He has great things to say. Things we need to hear. Things we need to live by. -B

Fun With Play-Doh

Here are two of Alex's latest Play-Doh creations. Alex and Matt love the Play-Doh! They can sit forever and play with it.

Like Valley Girl The Movie Turned 25 Yesterday!!!

Like Omigod! I cannot believe it. For those of you that remember it, Valley Girl, was one of those movies that I think helped define the 80s. It is like totally where I like learned how to talk in the 80s fer sure. Like totally! It also introduced us to a great actor named Nicholas Cage. This movie is def. one of my favorite things. I own the DVD. It is like so totally fun to watch now. If you haven't heard of it. Well, gag me with a spoon. If you haven't seen it...don't tell me about it. Rent it. ASAP. The 80s rocks! Oh, and I can't forget the most wonderful theme song to this movie by none other than Moon Unit Zappa titled Valley Girl. It is so tubular! Oh, and hello. Have you heard of the song I Melt With You by Modern English people? Yes, I know you have. Great song. Classic. From this movie. Yes. Well, now you know. Your welcome. The whole soundtrack is totally awesome!! OK. Now that I have reminisced and showed my age a little. I will return to the here and now. LOL! OMG.

P.S. Just to prove that I am a queen of useless pop culture information. The lead actress Deborah Foreman is from Liberty, Texas. Yup. She graduated from high school there. My old choir teacher Sam Harris (yes, from North Shore) went to school with her. Yup. He showed me pics of her from their year books. Fun fact.

The Trailer:

Moon Zappa sings Valley Girl on Solid Gold. Don't even get me started on Solid Gold.

Modern English singing one of the best songs ever, I Melt With You.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Move over Becks!

Move over Beckham! Here comes Parks!! Alex is loving life on the soccer field! He scored six goals today. Two of his other teamates also had goals. The Tigers were on a roll. Alex loves soccer and can't get enough. He is already looking forward to his next game!! He even loves practice. I love watching him play. It reminds me of watching Kevin back in his glory days as a soccer player.

Friday, April 04, 2008

My Boys!!

Here are my cutie patooties on the morning of Spring pictures at their school. I can't wait to see how the school pics turn out.

Still Hangin' Tough! Still have the Right Stuff!!

Who? New Kids On The Block that's who!! They announced on the Today show this morning that they are releasing a new album next month. And they will go on tour in the fall. OMGosh! Boy bands rock my world!!? Even if they are almost 40 they still got it going on. Love them! Gosh, seeing them today brought back some memories. Did you watch J and Mando??? Danny Woods, baby!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


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