Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Like Valley Girl The Movie Turned 25 Yesterday!!!

Like Omigod! I cannot believe it. For those of you that remember it, Valley Girl, was one of those movies that I think helped define the 80s. It is like totally where I like learned how to talk in the 80s fer sure. Like totally! It also introduced us to a great actor named Nicholas Cage. This movie is def. one of my favorite things. I own the DVD. It is like so totally fun to watch now. If you haven't heard of it. Well, gag me with a spoon. If you haven't seen it...don't tell me about it. Rent it. ASAP. The 80s rocks! Oh, and I can't forget the most wonderful theme song to this movie by none other than Moon Unit Zappa titled Valley Girl. It is so tubular! Oh, and hello. Have you heard of the song I Melt With You by Modern English people? Yes, I know you have. Great song. Classic. From this movie. Yes. Well, now you know. Your welcome. The whole soundtrack is totally awesome!! OK. Now that I have reminisced and showed my age a little. I will return to the here and now. LOL! OMG.

P.S. Just to prove that I am a queen of useless pop culture information. The lead actress Deborah Foreman is from Liberty, Texas. Yup. She graduated from high school there. My old choir teacher Sam Harris (yes, from North Shore) went to school with her. Yup. He showed me pics of her from their year books. Fun fact.

The Trailer:

Moon Zappa sings Valley Girl on Solid Gold. Don't even get me started on Solid Gold.

Modern English singing one of the best songs ever, I Melt With You.

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