Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cold and Flu Season=Soup and Stew Season

I have had Strep the last several days. You know, as I get older-ish, I must say that "being/getting" sick has a new set of terms. This time around it really knocked me off my feet. And it seems to take me longer to feel myself again. Yuck. Anyway, today with all the rain and the fact that the penicillin shot I got finally kicked in. I felt like some hearty soup! So I broke out one of my favorite recipes for Creamy Cauliflower Bisque. It is super easy to make. And it is so good to eat! Thought I would post the recipe. For the most part you just throw it all in the crock pot. I love my crock pot! So, I just put it all in this morning and then back to bed. Later I will finish it up and serve it with bread and a side salad for me and the Husband and with chicken nuggets for the boys. Brenda and The Boys give this soup 8 thumbs up! If you try it, let me know how you and your family liked it! *You can click on the pictures to enlarge and print. And if you don't have time to chop fresh potatoes and onion. They also sell frozen ones in your market. I think it should taste just as good. Might save you some time, too!

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