Monday, December 14, 2009

December 2009: And its only the first two weeks!

There have only been 15 days of December so far and we haven't even gotten to the best part...Christmas!! Me and the boys have been busy the last couple of weeks. We have had so much fun. I don't want it to end. First off on Dec. 4th, Matthew, had a "white" birthday! Matt had snow on his bday!! It was super fun and cold day. We made soup and sang to Matt and gave him his present. The next day was his party where the celebration continued. No snow the next day though. It just stuck around long enough for the boys to play in it and make a snowman.
Matthew celebrated his birthday at Kids in Action in Kingwood. He picked a SpongeBob theme. It was a fun party. After the cold and wintery day on Friday, Saturday turned out to be sunny and nice out. Made his party day fun!! He loves being four! And he has been celebrating every day. He doesn't know quite yet that his birthday is only one day in December not the whole month. He is still going around saying its his birthday. :)
After church on the 6th since the boys were already dressed up we drove on down to the mall to take a picture with Santa. They boys couldn't wait to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. It turned out to be a really fun day. We had lunch and did some shopping. My sister was here and she got to hang out with us and watch the boys take their pic. It was a great day. This is a picture we took with our camera. The one we bought came out great. The boys had super cute smiles. Here they look like they are trying to hard to smile. Lol! And like they aren't very excited.
Both the boy are involved in a children's choir called the Sonshine Kids at church. They perform musicals at Christmas and Easter time. This year they performed the Legacy of Love. It was Alex's first speaking part and singing solo and Matthew's first time to participate in SKs. It was awesome!! Alex did GREAT!! Their cousins Maddie and Preston and our Goddaughter, Gabi are also in Sonshine Kids. We had a blast practicing and getting ready for the show. All the kids did a great job!! We celebrated our performance with a party and hayride!
Just this passed weekend we went to San Antonio. We had season passes that were about to expire so Me, Kevin, and the boys went for our last hurrah! It was the best day. The park was decorated for Christmas. All the shows were new with a Christmas theme. The park was empty! We did not wait for a thing! The weather was perfect. Not hot at all!! We had a blast!! It was a fun relaxing weekend.
Coming up we have Matthew's Christmas program at school, Alex has Polar Express day at school, both boys have Christmas parties, then we are off to Natchitoches, LA for a fun weekend with family. Natchitoches is were Steel Magnolias was filmed. We love it there. I have not been since I was pregnant with Alex! They have a huge Christmas festival. I can't wait. Then next week is Christmas. Wow!! Time is flying. I hope that you and yours are enjoying the Christmas season.

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TracyB said...

Love the Park Maps picture. Alex is a ham ;~)


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