Friday, January 30, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

If you don't know, let me tell you how much Matthew LOVES powdered donuts. HE LOVES THEM A LOT!! Last Saturday, Kevin woke up and said to the three of us that he was going to make bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Well, Matthew could not wait. I guess. Because as Kevin was cooking, I asked where did Matthew go? He said he did not know. Alex didn't know either. So, I thought well he must be upstairs. He'll come down when it is time to eat. Hmmm. I then opened the pantry door to throw something away, and guess who I found. Yes, in the pantry. Door closed. Eating what? You guessed it some powdered donuts. Sneaky! Oh, Matt!!

He loves his donuts. Here is a picture taken last summer of Matthew eating his fave donuts. And if you click here you can read and see some more about Matt and the donuts. Which by the way no one else in the house eats them. Just Matt.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Taste of Mexico with Dawn and Burt: Our Journey Through Houston In Search Of The Best Tacos!

Back in December our friends Dawn and Burt invited us on an adventure. A Taste of Mexico they called it. They had read an article in Texas Monthly magazine called The 63 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die. So, when we heard tacos and possibly margaritas would be involved, well, they had us at tacos. Kevin and I were totally on board. I could not wait. So, we picked the night and we were off. With several of the 63 Tacos on the list in the Houston area to choose from, we picked four places/four tacos to try. First stop on our journey was, Laredo Taquería. There we had #63 on the list the Nopales taco. If you are not familiar, nopales are cactus leaves. Yes, that is what I had said. Cactus leaves. I can remember my dad eating them growing up. This was only my second time to try it. It was not bad. Not my fave, but not bad. A very unique flavor. Kind of like cooked bell pepper in texture. But a much sweeter taste. What did rock was that the corn tortilla. It was homemade! Yum.

63. Nopales Laredo Taquería Houston
The porcupine of the plant kingdom, prickly pear cactus is associated more with cartoon humor than with cooking, in yanqui minds, at least. It’s something people fall into backward, not eat for dinner. But the nopales taco at this funky working-class taquería explains why Mexicans have been eating cactus pads forever. Spooned from the steam table into house-made tortillas, the fleshily tender, spicily sour strips of Opuntia ficus-indica combine the flavors and colors of green pepper, string bean, and asparagus. Sparked with tomato and onion, they make a satisfying alternative to meat fillings or a tasty lagniappe on a chicken-and-squash taco. A schmear of beans is free, as is coffee on Mondays when the Texans win. 915 Snover at Washington Ave., 713-861-7279. Open daily 6 a.m.—9 p.m.

Me and Dawn in front of Laredo Taqueria.

Dawn and Burt placing their order.

So, next on our Taco run was El Rey Taqueria. There we ate,#20 on the list, the Pork Cubano. I must say it was pretty darn yummy. If you read in the description below it has plantain bananas in it. And you are probably thinking. Really? Gross? I did. Again something my dad ate growing up and still does. I am not usually a fan. Especially, in a taco. BUT let me tell you. It was very good!! Something about how the meat and banana come together a salty/sweet combo mixed with again (I love carbs!) a great tortilla. OMGoodness. Take me back! Yum.

20. Pork Cubano El Rey Taquería Houston
The classic Cuban triad of black beans, plantains, and sour cream joins happily with Mexican tacos at El Rey, an unpolished but pleasing working-class cafe salvaged from a fast-food joint. In the taco cubano, those traditional beans and bananas share a soft flour tortilla with a selection of meat, including grilled chicken or beef, but the best choice is pork, available by request. Combine El Rey’s radioactive red salsa and puckering tomatillo sauce to bounce off the saccharine plantains, then observe it all magically take on a sweet-and-sour Asian character. It’s fusion cuisine at its least pretentious. 910 Shepherd Dr., 713-802-9145. Open Mon— Thur 7—9:30, Fri & Sat 7—10, Sun 8—4.

The night was young. And the first two places did not serve beer or margaritas. So, that too became our mission. We must at least have one margarita with our tacos!! That is only right. LOL! Our third stop, was probably my favorite place and my second favorite taco of the night. The place was called Tacos A Go-Go. Fun name right? This place was fun. And we finally found some adult beverages to wash down our food with. Beer. Not a margarita. Whatever it takes. So, we had the Lamb Barbacoa taco. Crispy. MMM, my mouth waters thinking about it. It was awesome! I wanted seconds. But I was getting full and we had another stop to make. So, I savored each bite. Make this place a must must on your list of places to go-go to.

61. Lamb Barbacoa Tacos a Go-Go Houston
A giant bust of Carmen Miranda with orange-slice earrings and a pineapple and bananas on her head perches over the door. Inside, you can ogle a mural featuring a devil-horned and -tailed bathing beauty from the Mexican movie Qué lindo cha cha cha. The name and whimsical decor might suggest that Tacos a Go-Go is not serious about its wares. But this cantina-like Midtown storefront takes the trouble to stock Mexican sodas and beers, and its barbacoa taco—a heaping helping of luscious shredded lamb topped with lettuce and diced tomatoes—is some mighty serious eating. 3704 Main, 713-807-8226. Open Mon—Thur 9—10, Fri & Sat 9 a.m.—2 a.m., Sun 9—3 p.m.

It had been a long night. Our stomachs were full. BUT! We were on a mission. One more place to go. Hugo's! And they had margaritas. Can't a girl just get a margarita in this town? Geez! OK. So we are off. Hugo's is a very nice authentic Mexican restaurant. We had been there a few times before. But not for a taco. So this was going to be fun. And last but not least on our list the #35 taco you must eat before you die was the Acelgas y Papas taco at Hugo's. So, we get there. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas. The lights are dim. We wait for our table. We ordered our margaritas! Score. Finally. Then we sit and order the "taco". It comes out. And we all think it is OK. Not the best. So, Burt pulls out his article. Correction. Burt pulls out his Blackberry and reads us the article about Hugo's and says, "Hey, they mention a lobster taquito." "Should we try it?" And I am like Lobster? Why yes? I have yet to meet a lobster I did not like. So we do. We order a round. And another round of drinks, too. Got to have something to wash down the taco. When the waiter brings them out. We look. I take my picture. I think man that is a small taco. Then I take a bite. And this is where I started hearing choirs of angels singing. And the room started spinning. OMG. This was a GREAT taco. WOW! We all agreed. Me and Burt especially because we immediately ordered another one. And I am about to bust a gut at this point. But the taco. You don't understand. It was so good! I had to have one more before we left. Needless, to say we did not save room for dessert. But no harm. We had a great night. Lots of laughs. And some pretty darn good tacos.

35. Acelgas y Papas Hugo’s Houston
While a decadent $6 lobster taquito initially grabs all the attention at this stylish Montrose-area Mexican restaurant, it is a far humbler offering that takes top honors. A down-to-earth duet of acelgas—Swiss chard—and diced potatoes is sautéed in olive oil with a hint of garlic. Just enough of the chard’s agreeably bitter taste remains to rub against the starchy sweetness of the papas. At an establishment where rabbit, octopus, duck, and goat are regularly served, how refreshing to be reminded that carnivores aren’t the only ones who can enjoy killer tacos. That Swiss chard happens to be high in vitamin A and low in calories makes the experience that much happier. 1600 Westheimer Rd., 713-524-7744. Open Sun—Thur 11—10, Fri & Sat 11—11.

Patron Silver Margaritas. The best margarita I have EVER had! Yes, #1 on my list. EVER.

The Acelgas y Papas

My #1 choice for Best Taco of the night. The Lobster Taco. I ate 2 of these. It was like a party in my mouth. It was AWESOME!

Thanks to Dawn and Burt for a GREAT evening. One I will not forget in a really long time. Check out the list. There are a few more in Houston, and tons in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Get to eating!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

Here is Darth Matthew! In this moment brought to you by Matthew, he is wearing Alex's Darth Vader mask from Halloween almost two years ago. And in his hand he is holding a tiny lightsaber from a Luke Skywalker action figure. That's my Matt. What on earth will he do next?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Matthew's Birthday

Matthew turned 3 on Dec. 4. He had a party at Jumpin' Joey's near our house. He had a blast. Even though it was a month ago I thought I'd share the photos.

Its in a can?

Yes, did you know you can now buy Cool Whip in a can? I have not tried it yet. I guess it would taste the same. I love Cool Whip. It is one of those products that I remember using or around the house since I was a kid. And my mom would reuse the container and use it as Tupperware. Lol! Anyway. After, I finish the tub of CW I have I am going to try the can.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kevin Crossing The Finish Line

Here is official video of Kevin (in the orange shirt) crossing the finish line! Yay, Kev!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Way To Go, Kevin!!

Today we cheered Kevin on as he ran in the Houston Marathon! He ran the full marathon in 4 hrs. and 38 mins.!! Woo hoo!! Yay, Kevin!! It was fun being out there watching him and all the other runners. We had several friends running in it this year. Kellie Hill, George Selmser, Christi Young, Jesse Alvarado, and Chad Nichols all ran either the full or the half. Great job you guys!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids Say The Darndest Things And So Do Their Parents!

I have to share this video clip! It is too funny! The woman in it is a friend of mine, Danielle Murr. She and I graduated from high school together. Yay, North Shore!! She is just so funny. In it she shares a really funny story about her son Ethan. Just watch.

This makes me Laugh Out Loud!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

Matthew and his doggie!

I love him for that!

Ok. I love to read magazines. I have them everywhere. I even look forward to the ones my friend Keri saves for me. I love reading. If I had time I'd read books. Anyway. Matthew was sitting by me yesterday while I was looking at one I just got in the mail. I flipped to a page and he put his had right on it and said, "Look, Mom! She looks like you!" So, I moved his hand and looked. Then I looked at him and asked, "This? Her? You think she looks like me?!" And he shook his head and said, "Uh-huh." My sweet baby thinks I look like that! I WISH!!! Thin with a golden tan, and long hair. Not bad. :) I guess it is true. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Not Four Christmases But Four Cousins In Christmas Pajamas

Every year for the last four years my mom has made the kids Christmas pjs. Here are the cousins posing in this year's.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

Well, it is a new year. A new year for Matthew Moments! Here is the latest and greatest. Here is Matt double fisting it at Dairy Queen. The boy has talent! He gets this from his mama! :)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


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