Friday, January 30, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

If you don't know, let me tell you how much Matthew LOVES powdered donuts. HE LOVES THEM A LOT!! Last Saturday, Kevin woke up and said to the three of us that he was going to make bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Well, Matthew could not wait. I guess. Because as Kevin was cooking, I asked where did Matthew go? He said he did not know. Alex didn't know either. So, I thought well he must be upstairs. He'll come down when it is time to eat. Hmmm. I then opened the pantry door to throw something away, and guess who I found. Yes, in the pantry. Door closed. Eating what? You guessed it some powdered donuts. Sneaky! Oh, Matt!!

He loves his donuts. Here is a picture taken last summer of Matthew eating his fave donuts. And if you click here you can read and see some more about Matt and the donuts. Which by the way no one else in the house eats them. Just Matt.

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