Monday, November 30, 2009

An open Invitation to you and your family!!

Atascocita United Methodist Church (


Advent Schedule

November 29th at 5:00pm - “Legacy of Love
A Children’s Christmas Musical and Hanging of the Greens

December 6th at 6:00pm - “Service of Hope
A special service for those who have lost a loved one

December 13th at 6:00pm - “Cookies and Carols
A musical celebration of the season (Share a Ride)

December 20th at 12:00pm noon - “Snow Day
A fun filled day to celebrate with friends

December 21st - 23rd from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
A live nativity presented by our youth

December 24th - “Christmas Eve Worship
4:00pm - A service for families with young children
5:30pm - ConneXion Contemporary Worship
7:30pm & 11:00pm - Candlelight and Communion Service

And Now A Matthew Moment

Matthew's favorite new past time.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

Here's a story about a boy named Matthew who was really mad that his soccer game was after his brother's. He sighed, and whined, and threw himself around and was ignored by his mother. Til' the one time he decided to lay under his Pa's chair, and pee by a tree, well that's when this became a Matthew Moment. That this boy could be so silly, thats the way this became a Matthew Moment!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Frogs Go Green

Last weekend on Halloween, one of the moms from Matthew's soccer team the Frogs brought green hairspray for the boys to put in their hair. The boys thought it was super fun. Even Alex got in on it. The funny part is that even though Braedan's mom was the one to bring the hairspray he did not want to put any in his hair. :) The Frogs are too cute! I have really enjoyed watching them play together. They are so sweet. Go Frogs!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tszujed it!

Urban Dictionary defines "tszuj":


In the fashion world, it means to make something better, generally by tweaking or quirking it to better fit what it's supposed to do both functionally and artistically. It's become most popular due to its frequent use on the hit Bravo show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, usually by their fashion guru Carson Kressly. It is very hard to pronounce, and even harder to spell, many times often misspelled 'jujj' or 'jooj'. Pronounced "zhuj", by the way.
Carson: "Just tszuj it a little, and you're set!"
I first heard this word when I obsessively watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy each week back in the day. The Fab Five were so fun to watch. Kinda miss that show. Anyway. Carson Kressley used to "tszuj" and say "tszuj" all the time. I now love the word and say it all the time! Have passed it off to a few friends who also say the word now, too. Wink.
I have been doing a little tszujing here at home this week. I found some fabric to recover my dining room chairs. The ones I had before were so dirty and needed a little tweaking. Love them so much better now! Then I also added a letter P that I spray painted and put on a wreath that I already had. I think they all went from totally geek to totally chic.
Here are a few pics!
Chair before.

Chair after.

Added the P.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Pumpkin Carving 2009

Carving pumpkins is always big fun!!

I'm just saying...

I am another year older today. And though it is fun to think of this day as special and receive gifts and loving words from family and friends. It also brings sadness. I feel...well older. And closer to 40. And well thinking of that number scares me. I don't feel 37. Eeek. I said it out loud. I don't. And then I start thinking that Matt will be 4 and Alex 7 and I start to think about how fast time goes by. I have kids not babies anymore and a husband with gray hair. Ha. Shh! Don't tell him I said that. The years are flying by. And if I am, eh hem, 37 then my parents are, well getting older, too. And well the whole thought of time, age, and how fast it all goes by makes me sad! Ugh. Just want to cry. I know I should just grab the bull by the horns and enjoy each day and second. But, when you stop and think about it, it is just so overwhelming. I don't know how to make it stop or slow down. Waaaaahhhhh!

I'm just saying!


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