Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That is what he said...

A conversation just after dinner, as I am making Alex's (7yrs./1st grade) lunch for school tomorrow.

Alex: Mom?
Me: Yes.
Alex: Why do you put "love notes" in my lunchbox?
Me: What? Well, because, I love you and miss you during the day, and I want you to know that I am thinking about you even when you are at school.
Alex: friends can see them.
Me: (taking a deep breath.) Well...uh, should I stop writing them and putting them in there?
Alex: (After a long pause that seemed like an hour!!) Uh...NO!
Me: OK.

**Me: (left the kitchen and went to another room to wipe my brow) PHEW!! Sniff, sniff. Tears. Am I embarrassing him already?? :S

P.S. I don't put a note in all his lunches. Just sometimes. I used to love getting ones in my lunch from my mom.

1 comment:

TracyB said...

He is all boy. Bailey loves notes and pictures, but Jack doesn't.


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