Sunday, June 06, 2010

And Now A Matthew Moment

Today Kevin found two children's Claritin in the guest bath trash can. I give the boys a Claritin and vitamins everyday. When I do I always assume that they are taking their allergy pill and vitamins. Well, I learned differently today. After, KP found the pills he called the boys over and had a little talk with them. He (holding the evidence in his hand) told the boys, "you are not in trouble, but you need to tell me who did this." He holds up the trash can (Exhibit A) and points in to expose the pills. He is such a Lawyer. ;) He said, Matt raised his hand and said, "Me. I did it." Come to find out Matt has been throwing away his pills this week and only eating the gummy vitamins. I so wish I had taken a picture of the little purple pills in the trash. It is a guest bath trash so there was nothing else in the can but, the pills. Anyway, Matt admitted to the disposing of his meds and was quite proud of himself if I might say. His punishment? He had to retake his pill tonight and me and Alex "watched" and made sure that he "actually" ate the pill this time. He did not like us watching him. That boy!! What to do?? Little rascal.

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