Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things are better with bling!

On Halloween I borrowed my neighbor's bullhorn/megaphone to corral all the kids during trick or treating. I loved it so much I asked for one for Christmas. And got it thanks to Mr. and Ms. P (my parents in-law)! Pretty much since I got it, I have wanted to bling it out. Duh. Its what I do. Lol! So, here it is. Blinged out to the max. I love it! Bling makes it better!!!

I Snooki, borrowed this fun bullhorn on Halloween. So, she I
decided I had to have one, too.
Before. Boring and blingless.
After. Bling made it better.
I wanted to put BRENDUH but Hobby Lobby was out of Ds and Hs. Doh!

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