Friday, April 29, 2011

Nike. Just Do It? Well, I did it. Just Saying.

I went to my second class ever at the gym yesterday. It was a 5:15a Strictly Strength class. A friend of mine invited me and without really thinking about it I said, yes. Out loud! Yikes. I was so nervous about it. I told her the only things I did "strictly" were eat Peeps and chips and salsa. I got up and went. Debora was sweet to show me the ropes! And the weights, and mats, and these things that I did not like called Burpees (a really tough exercise). Which brings me to the reason I wanted to blog about this experience. Let me just say first of all I am so glad this class was early in the wee hours cause there were not that many people in the class. Thank goodness. Let me be totally honest. Some of these exercises were a bit tricky! If you are like me and you consider housework "exercise". Folding and hanging clothes. Walking up the stairs to put it away. Exercises. Right? Well, can I just say that yesterday, hello people I just met just forget that my big butt and jiggly jelly was trying to do a jumping jack and not have pee run down my leg cause that is what happens after two kids, and then balance my shoulders on a huge ball while lifting a weight over my head the whole time trying not to roll off! This class was tough for this not normally a worker outer but, I am going on a beach vacay in June and decided I want to look like a fluffy mermaid and not a beached whale so I better get to doing something about it. SO, yes, I took the class! I did it. I know I looked crazy! And clueless. But, I DID IT!! And I wouldn't have if it weren't for Debora!! Thanks, D! She has invited me to Soul Grooves next. I am LOLing at myself already.

After yesterdays, class I got to thinking WHY on earth are the rooms filled with mirrors. Why!? Just saying. And man the instructor makes each exercise "look" so easy!! When she turned down the lights for the cool down it sparked an idea. I think there should be a class in the dark. You stand by your mat and the instructor wears those night vision goggles to make sure you are "doing it right" but, you don't have to worry about looking crazy especially when the 12 lb lady that just had twins is next to you looking like she could be selected to be on workout video she is so good! Yes. Strictly Strength in the Dark. Yeah. I would be in that class weekly for sure.

Thanks again, Debora for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and shake my jelly in a brightly lit mirrored room filled with strangers. Dang you can get down and do those Burpees, girl! You rock. See ya next week. Did I just say that? I want to do it again. What?

P.S. Today I will not be able to brush my teeth. I am so sore. Forget about lifting much of anything today. ;) But, that is OK because hopefully in June I will be lifting my umbrella drink with a slightly leaner firmer arm.

So, there, Nike. I did just do it and even though I looked crazy I am glad I did.

I'm just saying.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Before and After: Dining Room Remodel

I have been at it again. Remodeling. Juzing. Making things more functional. Reorganizing. My fave things to do. You see for years I have wanted to take our dining room and do something different with it. Our formal dining room is/was one of the first rooms in the house. Right by the front door, away from the kitchen. I think in the 10 years we've lived here we maybe sat at our table maybe 4 or 5 times. We always took a chair of two and took it to the kitchen when we needed an extra seat/space. So, this year...I FINALLY got my wish. Thank you Husband and thanks to your Christmas bonus, I now have a new sitting room/craft area/project space! And I LOVE it!! Thank you Husband and thank you Christmas bonus!

My cousin, Diane and her husband Thomas are the new owners of my barely used dining room set. They moved into a new house recently and had an empty dining room connected to their kitchen. Voila! New dining room for them! AND I have already been over and we all sat and ate at it! Fun! Tom and Diane were victims of IKE and lost everything. It made us so happy to share our dining room with them and help them fill up their space. It fits perfectly in their new home! And I know they will use it way more than we did. Thanks, cuz!!

So, here are the before and after pics. I am so happy in my new space!! KP and the boys are happy that I am happy. And they keep asking, "how do you like 'your room'!?" And I say, "I LOVE IT!!" Thanks, Husband! And thanks Christmas bonus! ;)

Before: Dining Room
My new and improved Bonus Room! :D

Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm Just Saying

I am going to change the voices in my head. I am me. Mirror, mirror on the wall...I am OK looking after all. No more will I

No more beating myself up with my own doubt and criticism. I don't have time for it. Life moves too fast. I need to love me. More. Now.

I'm just saying.


P.S. Thanks, P!nk.


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