Wednesday, April 04, 2012

DIM (Did It Myself): Frame on my Front Door is The New Wreath 2.0

I like to keep a wreath on my door. Especially, during the holidays. They look so pretty. I have several Christmas and Fall looking wreaths that I love and that still look good. Its the winter and spring and even summer wreaths that I had to get rid off because, they were starting to look a little worn out. So, instead of a wreath I found a frame at a garage sale for a few bucks and hot glued a "P" to presto it became my wreath replacement. Well, that frame fell one day and broke. Thanks to weather or maybe it was 2 little boys that slammed the door to hard. Jury is still out. My money is on the 2 little boys. We may never know. So, I found another frame and a new "P" to replace the others, but this time I decided to tweak it a bit. I put a piece of black foam board on the back of it. Then I found our initials and used velcro (the heavy duty peel & stick kind) to put each letter around the giant "P" and ta-dah new frame/wreath for my door! I love it! I am still on the hunt for a fun bright springy/summery wreath though.

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MommyGirl said...

How cool! And I'd have to go with random act of weather--no way those two, sweet, innocent boys would ever slam a door. Must have been the wind, sister! Anyway...this is really cool, I love how you added to it this time around! Have you seen the frame on Pinterest that's a bright color and hangs on the door, you switch out big ribbons and what's inside the frame seasonally? It's so you! :)


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