Saturday, March 02, 2013

My boy, AJP and First Lady Barbara B.

Alex's class submitted questions to, if picked be used to ask First Lady Barbara Bush a question during a video conference on Feb. 7. One of his questions was picked and so, he got to ask the First Lady his question directly to her via satellite. It was a pretty exciting time around here because of it. I just got video from that day just yesterday. My boy. Watch. Its really cool. I don't know though. They do say that kids say the darnedest things. Ha. Is he overly confident? Sassy? Nervous? Maybe a little bit of each. So, glad Barbara B. has a sense of humor about it all! LOVE her!!!--P.S. I am not that surprised that he responded that way. If you know Al he is pretty serious when it comes to his sports "opinions"! Ha. And a sports related question at that. ESPN are ya watching? Lol. Will AJP be on Sports Center some day? Hmmm.. I think. Maybe. How fun would that be!?! :)

Thanks for watching. Enjoy! -B

I pulled the following from his school's website!! 

Mrs. Wright's video conference with First Lady Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush Mrs. Wright
Mrs. Wright’s fourth grade class enjoyed the amazing experience of interacting with First Lady Barbara Bush while participating in the Reading Discovery video conference held at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum on Thursday, February 7th.  Via the distance learning connection, her students joined with over 35,000 other students and teachers acrossAmerica and worldwide to share in the opportunity to engage with Mrs. Bush and to experience the discovery of new ideas through reading.  Mrs. Bush read excerpts from the award winning author Lynn Curlee's book, "Capital” and answered questions asked by students during the video conference.  Mrs. Wright’s fourth grade class was honored to be one out of just 20 schools chosen worldwide to ask the First Lady a question.  What an incredibly wonderful and meaningful experience it was!


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LeeLee said...

Wow, that's so amazing for him to ask a question. I think he did a great job. :) I think ESPN is definitely in his future.


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