Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Story Book Character Day

It's Children's Book Week. The boy's school is celebrating with different themes each day. Today is Story Book Character Day. After MP decided at the last hour, minute, second that he wanted to participate... last night we brainstormed and brainstormed and then came up with this idea from one of his all time fave books. The book is Arnie the Doughnut. A book about doughnuts is one of his faves. Duh. Ha! Awesome part is we had all the supplies to a make his character here at home. Phew!

I took a swim ring spray painted it and then glued some card stock on it for the sprinkles, eyes, and mouth. Then I taped some string on the back so he can wear it around his neck. Yay! Quick. Next time we'll come up with something more creative when we have more time!

Check out Arnie the Doughnut next time you are at your public or school library. It's a cute story!



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