Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brenduh's 2 Cents: My January CLEANsing Rituals

You all know I love to clean. Cleaning up and cleaning out. I always have a Goodwill pile. My FAVE things to do. I love it!! The bags I fill are weights lifted off and out of my life.

I always start a cleansing late Dec. early January. I clean out the boys rooms and playroom to make room for the new toys, books, clothes, and other gifts they/we received at Christmas. This year we even rearranged furniture. Boys helped and they love the change!!

Another area I hit every January is the medicine cabinet. I look at expiration dates. I throw out the old stuff. Have a note pad on hand. Make an inventory of things you need to replace. Do you need band aids? First aid ointment? More ibuprofen?

The pantry and fridge are other spots I hit the first of Jan. Look at exp. dates. Change out the baking soda boxes in the freezer and fridge. I take out the shelves. Wipe and wash it all down. I throw out old stuff. Condiments that have been on the shelf a while that I know won't be used again or only used for a certain dish we tried. I add things to the list of things in here I will need to buy and replace.

In the pantry. Same. Look at dates. Fill up some bags with foods you bought but did not use and if the dates are still good donate that food to your local food pantry. If you know a college student they might be able to use the groceries you collected you could give it to them as well. Does your refrigerator have a filter? Jan. is good time to check on that, too. Might be time to replace it. Ours usually has a red light on in Jan. Last year we bought, 2 filters so that we would have one ready for when it went out.

Doing these things in January make me feel like I am getting the new year off to a fresh start.

What are your January cleansing rituals? I'd love to know!

Happy cleaning and organizing in 2014,

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