Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life isn't always picture perfect. Or is it?

Who doesn't go on Pinterest and pin a ton of family portrait poses in hopes to one day be on a family vacation to the whites sands of Destin, FL and have picture perfect photos taken to post on FB? Hello!! Me. 

Yes. That WAS me. This summer. We were invited to go to Florida with friends. So, of course I started pinning fun poses. I just knew we would have the BEST Christmas card picture to date! NOT! #pinfulthinking

Here's the thing. I can pin all day long. Getting there and actually achieving the pintography and pinposes is another. The day we had our "photo" shoot the wind was blowing, it was getting dark, my boys were tired and uncooperative. Pictures was the LAST thing they wanted to do. I was so upset. I kept watching ALL the other families taking their pics. Holding hands, jumping by the water, SMILING! Not my dudes. Our pics were a hot mess. When we got back to the beach house I literally cried cause not one was in my head, Christmas card worthy. Share worthy for that matter. A big epic fail! I thought.

When I got home. Months later. I loaded all the pics on to my computer. I looked at each frame again. They made me laugh. They made me laugh so hard I cried. The ones below especially. You see. They may not be the best posed pics we've taken. Or ones that I would have thought belonged on FB or a Christmas card for all the world to see but, they are a TRUE representation of us. And my boys! They are giving me their true personalities in these pics. These pics are better than perfect they are PRICELESS!! I will look at these years from now and be so happy that these two monkeys acted the way they did and posed the way they did BECAUSE that is who they are. And I think they are PERFECT! 

These pictures are true. No filter. No cropping.  No edits. Full on Matt and Alex for you. For me. For all to see. I hope they make you laugh, too. And you know what? I did use a few of them on a Christmas card. Yup.

What you see is what you get. Sometimes, we do have those picture perfect hair, pressed clothes, everyone smiling pics. I like those, too. And yes. Those are usually the ones I share the most. Maybe because they are rare. Ha. But, this is who we are. Silly. Goofy. Crazy. Funny. And I THANK these two for showing me that, that way is the BEST picture of them all.  When its not perfect. But real. When it shows us.


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