Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ike Terms

So, while I was at a friends hanging out and sitting around watching the kids play outside around day 7 of the big "power outage" that Ike was, I came up with a list of "Ike terms". Words that suddenly were part of everyone's vocabulary. Words that were being said on a daily basis. Words that we won't soon forget. So, here is what I (we) came up with.

1. PODs- Point of Distribution. I did not visit one. But, my friend Brandi did.
2. M.R.E.s- Meals Ready to Eat. I really would like to see one in person and try one.
3. Look & Leave- My cousin was so glad to be able to go and see her house in Seabrook.
4. Generator- Man, those things are loud. I can't get that sound out of my head.
5. Cone of Uncertainty- That was one big cone.
6. Storm Surge- Phew, that sucker was scary.
7. Hunker Down- Don't know if I will do that again.
8. Safe Room/Safe Spot- Ours was in the master bedroom closet.
9. F.E.M.A.
10. Michael Chertoff- FEMA director.
11. Judge Ed Emmett- He spoke a lot during the storm. I finally saw what he looked like the other day. I had only heard his voice via radio.
12. Bolivar Island- Before Ike it was called Bolivar Peninsula.
13. "Certain Death"- Rick Perry telling people to leave or else.
14. Ice Lines- Oh, the lines to get Ice and gas were crazy.
15. Hurricane Force Winds- spooky.
16. Hurricane Host/ Hostess- The person(s)home that you would congregate to during the storm. Usually to eat and visit.
17. Cat 2- Wow, Ike was only a Category 2. Could have fooled me!
18. Hurricane Curfew- When it was dark I didn't want to be on the roads anyway.
19. Centerpoint (Energy)- The busiest guys in town.
20. Aftermath- I am impressed at how quickly things have come around after Ike. In two weeks things are starting to look back to normal.
21. Got power?- After, Hi, How are you? Everyone wants to know if you have power.
22. Hurri-cation/Evac-cation- Making a vacation out of the 2 weeks off from work or school.
23. I heard...- How many times have we heard that lately? Well, I heard that we were getting power... Or I heard that the schools won't be ready to open until... I heard that H.E.B. is running out of ice.

Crazy! If you think of any more that I can add to the list let me know.

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