Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Our Hurricane Hosts: The Carrs!

During Ike we pretty much nightly would walk over to our neighbors house, The Carr's: Renae, Chuck, Allie, Ben, Chris, and John. They would build a fire and we'd all sit around and visit. Make S'mores, etc. It was the most fun. We even celebrated Allie and Ben's 14th birthday one night. These were the times that I was kinda glad that we had no power because we were forced to get out of our homes and sit and be neighbors. Talk to each other. Catch up on what everyone is doing. I loved it. And I kinda miss it. I am going to make every effort to continue to visit with my neighbors. Many thanks to The Carr family for having us all over every night. And for the countless favors that they did for us. Renae hauled off all of our debris. Along with her son Ben and our teen neighbor Omar. They also let us borrow their gas blower to blow away debris, and their rake. Our's gave out on us. My neighbors rock!! Thanks for being our 'hurricane hosts'!

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