Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Time Fun: The Family Tree Game

Here is a fun game we played last Christmas. I found it in a magazine called Family Fun. The game is called Family Tree. It is really fun. I just thought I'd share. You might like to play it at one of your Christmas gatherings.

Here is how you play: Don't limit your tree-trimming traditions to your evergreen. Transform Dad into a decorated Christmas tree in this hilarious after-dinner activity. Supply your kids with green and red crepe paper, aluminum foil, and masking tape. When they're done, gather 'round the tree and take a photo to add to your family album or send as next year's holiday card.

I found great plastic ornaments and plastic hooks at the .99 Store. And I bought a star ornament and hot glued it to a girl's head band for the star topper. It was fun to do. Send me pics of your family trees if you play!

Here are Brian and Steve. Our family trees from last year. Don't they look like they are having fun?!! :)

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The McKinney's said...

these are fun!! I love the pic!


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