Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fun Finds: Zany Gift Ideas

One of my fave websites is called: Perpetual It is full of crazy, cool, and zany things. I love it. Here are a few new things they have added. They make perfect white elephant gifts. There are a ton of things. There is something for the whole family. :)

What happens if you take a drink. Don't drink before you eat your finger food off your fingertip plate. Lol!

Play-doh scented perfume. He, he. Yup. They even have crayola, birthday cake, and others.

This one cracks me up. Gin and Titonic! Ha.

This is perfect for the Law and Order fan in your life. Ha! Funny.

Here is a bit of Trivia: The term White Elephant has its origins in Thailand. Albino elephants, otherwise known as "white elephants," were considered sacred. Keeping a white elephant was a financial burden costing the owner who had to feed and care for it. It is told that emperors would give these sacred elephants as a gift to subjects they did not like ultimately causing their ruin. Therefore the term, “white elephant,” was adopted as a burdensome gift that cost the recipient more than the giver.

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