Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like Beckham

My parents bought the boys these uniforms when they went to see my sister in NYC last month. They wore them to Kevin's indoor soccer game on Monday. Alex wants to wear his all the time. He even asked to dig it out of the dirty clohtes on Tues. to wear it again. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

And Now A Matthew Moment

The time out chair. This week Matthew went missing. When I found him he was in the time out chair. And not because I put him there. He was just sitting there. So, I asked him what he was doing. He said I need time out. And I said why? He just keet saying I need time out. Then he said I am in trouble. I kept asking why?! He then said 'cause I did it! Well, Alex and I never could find out what he thought he did. He sat there for several minutes even after Alex and I left the room. He is a silly boy! Too funny.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

We have already kicked off summer with a few visits to the pool! Alex and Matthew had a blast with their friends, Will and Jack at the pool yesterday. We had the whole pool to ourselves! Fun. We love getting our pool time on! Summertime is here woo-hoo!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun Finds: Cheap Summer Fun For Kids

Click the pic for more info.--Thanks, Keri!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my super sweet brother in-law Brian!!!!
And...Happy Birthday to Kellie Hill, too!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day of School was a Splash!!

Today was Alex and Matt's last day of school for the summer. They had a blast at their Water Day activities!! Alex was a little sad when he realized it was the end of his time at his school, WLC. It was a hot day! I had fun, too. I got to visit with some of the other moms and some of the teachers! I love the Weekday Learning Center!!

He Did It!!

Alex graduated last week. He is officially a Weekday Learning Center grad! It was a lovely ceremony. Ms. Beth and the WLC center staff really put a lot of hard work and detail into this. We are so proud of our new little Kindergartner.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my nephew Preston!! He is four today!! Yay, I love you, Teston!!!
And I'd also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of our favorite people in the whole world, LAUREN!!!! We hope you have a great day, LJ!!! -Love, Brenda and The Boys :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Handsome + Handsomer= The Handsomest Brothers!

I can't help but, show off these two loudly and proudly!!! They ROCK my world!!! I LOVE them!! I thank God everyday for them!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Momsense and Dadsense: Good stuff!!

Here is Momsense by Rita Renfroe. She has a new clip called Dadsense. Watch both. The Mom one first, which I am sure you have seen. But, It's Mother's Day weekend so watch again for fun. Then watch the Dad one. Moms rock!! Enjoy!!!


Friday, May 09, 2008

Justin and Henry: The Ocean Spray Guys

Ok. It is not a secret...I love TV! Watch it when I can or just have it on for the noise. Thank goodness we have a DVR. Where would I be without it? Anyway. Every now and then I will come across a commercial I like and will actually watch, 'cause now a days I can just fast forward through those suckers. Woo-hoo! Well, I will always stop for Justin and Henry. You know the ones. They are standing knee deep in cranberries. There are several of these commercials. Their latest is I think my fave. Oh, and to fill you in Justin, is the younger one, and Henry is the older one. Too cute they are! Love 'em. They are too funny!! You can go to the Ocean Spray website and see others. Or you can go over to YouTube and watch more, too. ~~Brandi and Janice, if you read this, I think Justin is oddly hot! :P

My Favorite Things

Right this second, I am all about Orville Redenbacher's Mini Smart Cakes the caramel flavor. Yum! I ran into them at Wal-Mart. You know how they display some sales items right up in front. You grab you cart and before you can go anywhere there are a ton of products on both sides of you. If you are like me with two kids in tow fighting over where they are going to sit in the cart, I always grab the cart from the greeter and park over by these products kinda out of the way to referee and restrain both if not one of the boys. So, I always pretty much end up with one if not two of these products in my cart. And well about a week ago I saw these and thought why not. If I don't like them it was $2. Worth the try. Well, three bags later I am telling you, I love them!! They are like candy! So sweet to eat! They have 2 other flavors. Sour cream and Onion and Butter I think. I have not tried those. The best part is you can eat 9-10 of these for 6o calories and they are fat free, too. Problem for me is that they are so good I can't stop at 10! Ha.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

It wouldn't be Mother's Day without....

Tucker and Brad!! I love this video. Being a Mom of boys is fun!! And I must say, that I so see Alex and Matt in this video. If you know them then you know what I mean. And that makes this video even funnier to me becuase of it. I hope all of you have a Happy Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And Now A Matthew Moment

Yesterday, Matthew got into my house shoes (literally). I love slippers for around the house. I have several pair and on some days they are strewn around the house. Well, yesterday being the lazy rainy day it was I did have a pair here and there and so Matt was making it fun for me to have to look for them. He thought it was fun to be wearing them, too. And leaving them in fun places for me to look for them.

Monday, May 05, 2008

What a weekend it was...

We had another very busy weekend. Friday we went to Bill's. Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast here in Summerwood, at Manuel's. We met my parents there. It was nice. Ran into one of my fave people, Stacie Spindle and her family. Then home for a few hours before, Alex's last soccer game at the Y. It was an exciting game. All the kids played very well and were having a great time! The weather was nice and they had a nice size cheering crowd full of family and friends. It was nice. Then we were off to Fuddrucker's for the party and trophy presentation. The kids were so excited!! It was a good time for all. Kevin and I are sad soccer is over. It was a good season. After the soccer party, I went with Jenny and Maddie to church so Maddie could practice for the Mother Daughter Tea fashion show. Once that was done, I was off to dinner with Sandi and Brandi at Zammitti's in Kingwood, where we shared a pizza and a bottle of wine and caught up by the lake. It was nice! OK. So, that was Sat. Sunday, I woke up early to make sandwiches and cookies for the M.D. tea. The boys went to Dickinson with Kevin. They were invited to a birthday party at Lollipops and Licorice for their friends Lauren and Lanie Hill. They had a blast! I am so glad they were able to go and have some Dad and son bonding time. I do wish I could have gone too but, I had church lady things to do. Which was fun! After church we had the tea. It was really nice. I love the ladies and little girls of our church. And who doesn't love finger tip sandwiches. Yum. Plus we surprised one of my favorite ladies, Charlote Riggs, with a birthday cake and flowers. Yesterday was her birthday. We all sang to her. After the tea, Jennifer, Ms. P, Maddie, Preston and I met Kevin, Mr. P, Poppy, and Alex at Brian and Linda's church in League City for their dinner theatre production of Uncle Phil's Diner. It was AWESOME!! It was an interactive play set in the 50s. It was really cool. We ate diner food. Burgers and hot dogs, cokes, and apple pie, oh, and I can't forget the yummy fries. Good times!! We got home late and we were all tired from a long weekend but, all in all it was nice. I got to visit with family and friends, ate some good food, and we made some new memories. Today, we were a little lazy due to the rainy day and busy weekend! Ahh...what adventures await us next weekend! Hmmm. Wait and see.

The Tiger's end their season.

The boys at Lollipops and Licorice.

Mother Daughter Tea at AUMC.

Uncle Phil's Diner at BHUMC.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

And Now A Matthew Moment

One of our favorite hang outs is Bill's Cafe in Kingwood. Bill's is like being in your own backyard grilling burgers. It is really fun. A no fuss no muss place! The kids love it, too. They have a sand box and plenty of grass to run around. Anyway, this week we met The Cokers and The Alvarados there for dinner. I don't think we were there for five minutes before Matt had made friends witht these two sweet girls. The one on the right is Kiley(sp). The other one was either Amber or Ashlynn. Can't remember. Anyway, they picked him out of the bunch and played with him the whole time. They even took him over to meet their parents. He loved every minute of it. It was too funny!!

The rest of the gang at Bill's:

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weekday Learning Center: Class of 2008!

Kindergarten here he comes!! Here is Alex's preschool graduation picture. The waterworks have begun. I can't stop crying. I look at him and cry. My baby. He is five. Where did it go? I am trying to enjoy each day and each moment. Trying not to count the minutes that 'my boy' will be at school all day for five days a week. This is hard to swallow. Oh, but how proud of him I am.

Busy is an UNDERstatement....

I have been here and there and everywhere, with no signs of slowing down until July 14, 2008. Seriously. And I have to say, I think I am handling my current 'super busy' status quite well. Better than about a year or so ago. I have become a go with the flow gal. I can grin and bear it. Keep on truckin'! No pain no gain. No sleep for the weary. On top of that a queen of cliches. Ha. I am doing it all and loving it. Well, today I am. I do have my moments where I am like what the...and when does this roller coaster end. But honestly, I feel like I am living life to the fullest. Full speed ahead. I have become super involved at my church. I am currently helping to head up our Vacation Bible School week. I just finished being on a planning committee for our Women's Ministry Retreat. Which I believe was an amazing weekend!! It was last weekend at South Shore Harbour. Tomorrow we have our Mother, Daughter Tea. Today we are finishing up Alex's awesome soccer season at the Y. Kevin loved coaching this awesome group of kids. I have made a ton of new friends in all of this. I feel blessed to have a new day everyday to fill with new adventures and experiences. This month I can't forget Mother's Day and Alex graduates. We have family birthdays for Preston and Brian. A trip to Sea World. VBS in June. Going to see my sister in NYC in July. Just so many things coming up. The calendar is full but, in all it will be fun. Things to laugh and reminisce about later. Busy is an on my list...answer all my emails and return some phone calls. If you have not received a reply or a call back from me, I am going to get back with you asap. Sorry for the delay. Have a great weekend!!!

Fun with Photos!


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