Friday, May 09, 2008

My Favorite Things

Right this second, I am all about Orville Redenbacher's Mini Smart Cakes the caramel flavor. Yum! I ran into them at Wal-Mart. You know how they display some sales items right up in front. You grab you cart and before you can go anywhere there are a ton of products on both sides of you. If you are like me with two kids in tow fighting over where they are going to sit in the cart, I always grab the cart from the greeter and park over by these products kinda out of the way to referee and restrain both if not one of the boys. So, I always pretty much end up with one if not two of these products in my cart. And well about a week ago I saw these and thought why not. If I don't like them it was $2. Worth the try. Well, three bags later I am telling you, I love them!! They are like candy! So sweet to eat! They have 2 other flavors. Sour cream and Onion and Butter I think. I have not tried those. The best part is you can eat 9-10 of these for 6o calories and they are fat free, too. Problem for me is that they are so good I can't stop at 10! Ha.

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