Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taylor Swift Never Sounded So Good! ;)

My boys love the Taylor Swift song called uh, Love Story is it? I think that is right. They sing it at the top of their lungs. Kevin also loves this song. It is where they learned it. I finally caught them singing it yesterday and had the camera. It is quite a sight to see. And hear. Aly Wiggin is in the backseat also singing her little heart out! She too knows every word of the song. At one point Matthew even says, " that's dad's favorite part." Lol! I miss the days KINDA when they would request Raffi's Baby Beluga or Down By The Bay. Now, its Taylor Swift, or Survivors "Eye Of The Tiger" (thanks to Rock Band 2) that they want to hear. Which isn't bad. Except it is over and over and over. Here is the video clip! Enjoy. They really get into it.

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