Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And Now A Matthew Moment

This is a Matthew Moment as told by Stephanie Dement. She was witness to a Matthew Moment in the flesh. LoL! I can laugh at it now. She and I thought it would give my sister a nice chuckle. That is who she wrote the following for. I thought you might all get a laugh about it, too. It will 'crack' you up I am sure.

So, she writes:

Okay -- I get to tell this story. . .This morning, I meet Brenda, Matt & Alex at Denny's for a VBS planning breakfast, before we go to AUMC to work! Bribery for Matt & Alex -- who are we kidding! Anyway, as we are leaving the restaurant (waiting to pay our bills), here is the conversation:

Alex: Mom, I think I smell poo-poo!

Bren: Aww, Matt -- did you poop your pants?

Matt: No -- I didn't poop my pants.

Alex: Did you?

Matt: No, I didn't. Look, see no poop!

Here's the kicker -- as Matt is delivering that last line, he has pulled his shorts down showing a butt check and a 1/2 to all the world -- including the little old lady who just walked in the door!

Cue me -- cracking up about to wet my pants.

Cue your sister -- Matthew Parks, pull up your pants NOW. We believe you.

Me -- still laughing!

Just thought you might need an evening chuckle!

-Stephanie Dement

1 comment:

thesapp4 said...

Awesome! A proud mommy moment!


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