Monday, June 08, 2009

I am still alive...just Camp-ing on the E.D.G.E.!

Hello!! I miss my blog!!!! I just have not had time to sit and post as much as I'd like to. I am very busy with Vacation Bible School. You can either find me at church or in my dining room aka VBS Headquarters. Being the Director of VBS has been overwhelming. At the same time that my plate is full my cup runneth over with many blessing because of it though. In just 13 days me and all the awesome over 100 volunteers, and over 400 kiddos of my church and community will be going to Camp E.D.G.E.! We will Experience and Discover God Everywhere!! I hope you will continue to visit Brenda and The Boys! Once VBS is over I will be back with bells on!! Filling you in on our summer adventures and of course on some new Matthew Moments*.

*Like yesterday when he came out to the driveway holding his swimsuit in his hand and wearing nothing. Nude. Naked. He wanted me to find him a swim diaper! Yes. He came out naked and did not care. Just wanted a swim diaper. Sorry there are no photos. You just have to picture it in your head. :P

For more info. about VBS at AUMC:

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thesapp4 said...

You are awesome. I wish we were there for VBS and that I could help out. We miss you!


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