Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alex celebrates 100s day @ SWE!

Alex celebrated 100s day recently at his school. This is a celebration of the 100 days that the kids have been in school. The students were asked to make a t-shirt with one hundred of the same thing on it. So, naturally being the football loving boy he is, Alex picked to put 100 UT Longhorn football helmets on his t-shirt. So, we found a picture he liked on the internet. I then printed out 100 hundred of them on iron on transfer paper (Great stuff this paper. It is something I use a lot of.) and cut them out and ironed them on his shirt. It was fun!! He had fun seeing all the different ideas that his friends came up with. There were buttons, and google eyes, etc. He now wears his t-shirt as a sleep shirt!
*You can click on the picture of Alex to see it bigger and the helmets up close. (:

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