Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good before. Better after.

Here are the photos of my latest flip. I got these two tables from my SIL. I had been looking for a sofa table to use in my kitchen as a buffet table and had been wanting to change out my coffee table which was really a trunk. When she got new tables I jumped on it and asked her if I could have them. She said yes! Thanks, Jenny!

I took the tables and gave them a litte makeover. Both were a light wood. Pine I think. I took the sofa table and spray painted it black. In Feburary, I took my natural wood kitchen table and painted the chairs and table legs black and stained the top walnut. See the link below to see the before/afters of that project. So, I took the sofa table and painted it black to match my new/old kitchen table.

The coffee table was also a pine color. Like I said I had a trunk that I used as a coffee table. I had been wanting to find and buy a coffee table to switch out for a while now. The trunk was big, tall, and just did not fit in my space anymore. So, I stained the coffee table a walnut color to match the other furniture in the room.I think it turned out great. I am beyond happy with my new pieces.

You can see the before and afters below. In the excitement of my make-overs I forgot to take before pics. Ugh. I did find some pics online to give you an idea. Let me know what you think. I hope I have maybe inspired you to make something over in your home. Its fun transforming things that you already have or seeing someone else's trash and turning it into treasure. Here is a link to a blog that I go to everyday. It is fun to see other's befores and afters. It has served as inspiration to me.

Enjoy your day!

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The old table (trunk):

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