Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Today, the baby of our family is five years old! I cannot believe it. Five years has just flown by. Matthew is super pumped about his birthday. Especially his snake cake. Matt is all about snakes. He knows a lot about them, too. This year he wanted a snake birthday. So, we made him a snake cake. I usually have someone (Walmart, HEB) make his cake. I am not a baker. Baking is not one of my gifts. Lol! This year though I thought how dull would it be to go with a store bought snake made out of cupcakes. Easy. But boring. So, I talked to my sister in law about making one and she said, that we could so make the cake and that there would be websites showing us how or giving us ideas. She makes all her own cakes. They are always fabulous! So, she inspired me to make Matt's cake. Jennifer found me some websites with snake cake ideas and directions. And so we made the cake. KP, me, and the boys along with some help from my friend Stephanie (who came over to help make the bundts) made the cake yesterday. I must say, I think it turned out pretty neat. Matt is happy!! That makes us happy. Happy Birthday, Matthew!! We love you!!

P.S. I think I/we just might "make the cake" again. It was fun! Alex's bday is in Feb. So, we'll see what we make next. Yeah! Stepping outside the cake box was not as scary as I thought. Sorry, Walmart and HEB...making our own cake was fun. I still have your number though. ;)

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Hillary said...

That snake cake turned out so cute!


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