Thursday, December 16, 2010

DSied and Alexed.

Alex has a Nintendo DSi. It has a camera built in that he is able to take pics with and then photoshop if wants. He had a DS that Matthew now uses. Just let me tell you first off that the DS or DSi are awesome! It has provided many hours of entertainment as well as some peace and quiet and longer meals at restaurants for this mom! I highly recommend.

Back to the hours of entertainment. One day not long ago I heard Alex giggling quite a bit so I asked him to show me what he was up to. See I am a girl with only a sister. We played with Barbies, listened to music, painted our nails. I never had a handheld gaming system or a brother to know what these things can do. He has always just played his games etc. What Alex showed me was all the pictures that he had taken since he got it almost a year ago. He has shared some pics before. Landscapes, places we've gone, an ocasional one of me in a room of the house, the dog, BUT, (you knew there was a but coming didn't you?) I had never really seen "all" the photoshopping he had been doing! And how many members of our family had fallen victim to the artistic and creative photoshop job by AJ! That said, I asked him if I could copy some of his best work and pictures he has taken to share on my blog. He of course was very pleased and excited to share with me and you. So here are a few pics he has created. There are a ton! And some are self portraits as well. Those are my fave. He is so cute, silly, creative, I could go on and on. I won't. You're welcome. I will share a few with you now and from time to time. Like I said there are a ton. Enjoy! And I give you permission to LOL. They are pretty funny.

He told me that he thought this flight attendant was pretty.

KP with some shades on. Don't you love how he placed them
on his nose as if KP was looking down at Alex.


Very funny Alex.

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