Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to blog about the donuts.

Donuts. Matthew LOVES donuts!! Loves. His favorite food I would say. Hands down. Yes. Donuts. But if you don't believe me the proof is in the blog posts. See below. They date back to 2007. He was born in 2005. So the love affair began when he was two I guess. Uh, huh there are four other blog posts about Matt and donuts. On a slow news day you can always blog about donuts. :D

This brings me to this post about Matt and donuts. As you all know by now, Matthew just turned 5 on the 4th. We had a snake party here at our house. It was a wonderful day for Matt! He got many lovely gifts that he has enjoyed, BUT it was the last one he opened that he took a loving to right away. I stepped out of the room when it was opened. Boo. Everyone that saw him open it though could not stop laughing and talking about his reaction when he saw what it was. Inside the wrapping was his very own MINI DONUT MAKER!! He hugged the box and said, I love this one better than any of those other presents! Nice. My son, a 5yr old with his own small appliance. Ha. Our friends, Brandi and Allison and their families gave it to Matt. They were out shopping on Black Friday and found it and thought about Matt and his love of the donut. Thank you guys!

So this week I got all the ingredients for the first batch of Matt's homemade donuts. Both the boys helped me. It was fun. We iced them. We decorated Christmas donuts instead of Christmas cookies this year. (: Alex was amazed at how much sugar went into a donut recipe. He asked me if that was the reason I did not like them eating donuts all the time. We had a good time and I am sure there will be many more times when we will "make the donuts" and blog about it. You guys are thrilled I am sure. ;)

Here are the boys excited about being donut makers.

Here is Matt's super cute red donut maker loaded up and
ready to make.

The first batch.

Frosted up and sprinkled, too!

A very happy little boy!! I hope his dentist appt. goes well
on Wed. Could there be any more sugar on his teeth or plate?

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