Friday, June 10, 2011

And Now A Matthew Moment

You know how when a new movie comes out there are always reviews like "Two thumbs way up" or "It will make you laugh 'til it hurts!". You know the ones. Well, here is a tagline/quote and it is a direct quote from none other than the little man himself, Matthew about this story I am about to tell you, "He made me laugh so hard I pooped!" Intrigued!? Make you want to read more?!

Can I just say before I continue. Sorry. Edge of your seat, huh? Well, I have to say this. I don't guess I have anything that I won't post on my blog. Good, bad, or ugly. Or messy. Stinky. It's my life. Our life. And yes, my children though some times it is embarrassing and sometimes humiliating to them they are aware and have signed releases and have waived all rights to me, their mother for the sake of "the blog" which has become the diary/journal of our lives. We learn from these experiences and laugh at them over and over. I/we post in hopes to also share a laugh or smile with you. We want others to know that their "bad" or "crazy" day is not only being had by them but by others i.e. us as well. Example. Lesson learned in this story. "ALWAYS pack an extra pair of underwear for every member of the family!! Especially in your carry on bag when traveling. You just never know. Well, now I know. And you will, too. You're welcome! And because this did happen to me/Matt. My car is (oh, who am I kidding) my mini van's glove box will also now be stocked with extra skivvies. You have been warned ye who ride shot gun in my car, uh van. Just saying. Back to Matt's latest (and if you've been following) ...moment.

On Wed, June 8th we embarked on our family vacation. Yes, I know it seems like we are always on vacation. If you've traveled with or have lived with two young children, it's not always a vacation. I digress. At 8am Houston time we arrived to the airport checked into our flight to Hawaii. Yeah! We first flew 2hrs. and 17 minutes gate to gate to Phoenix. Made it. No problems. Yeah! First leg. Done. Got off of the plane. Used the facilities. Or so I thought we did. Grabbed a non-nutritious million dollar airport "snack" and then got on our connecting flight to Hawaii no problems. Right? Right. Wrong. Wrong?

We found our seats. Sorry SWA (you've been good to us). But can I get an Amen! for assigned seating! So, we got settled into our seats. Got all our airline approved electronics out, sent our lasts texts, got ready! I was nervous. Excited! Smiling at my boys from my solo assigned aisle seat across the row from my 3 loves!

The boys suddenly begin to start joking around with each other and laughing. The airplane door is not even closed yet. People are still boarding. Including about 100 teenagers from Missouri. A high school band. Yay! Not. Two of them happen to sit by me. Right next me is the "Jonah Hill from Superbad" of the band. Good times. Did I tell you that this is the long leg of our trip? 6hrs and 55 mins long. And we had already lost two hours. We left our house at 6am. It was now 10am Phoenix time. We would arrive in Hawaii at 2:30p. Yeah. Anyway, so my boys are still LOLing. KP is looking annoyed a little bit. He's ready for the doors to close and get the show on the road...or up in the air.

I get my head to suddenly mute out all the noise from the "boarding" process. The flight attendant talking about overhead bin space, the 1000 teens constant cheering, high fiving, Jonah Hill saying dude after ever other word, to focus only on the banter coming from my two boys. Alex is making faces and whispering something into Matt's ears every two seconds. When all of sudden I hear for the first time as he gasps for air to breath, "Stop Alex!" "Stop making me laugh. Then. Again. Matt. "Stop making me laugh!" Once again except a little diff. this time. Words I was not expecting. "Stop making me laugh or you are going to make me poop!" I looked over is it that he is sitting right next to him and KP did not hear it. Really? So, I tap his arm and ask him if he heard Matt and at this point all I can say is "poop". I tell him Matt said, "Poop!" KP looks down and shrugs. It's fine! More hard belly laughing. And then. It happened. Matt looked over at me. Not his dad. Me. I am sitting across on the other row. And said, "Alex made me poop!" the doors of the plane are not even closed people. We have 6hrs and 55 mins to go. So, long story (sorry) short. KP checks. And yes my "very" potty trained 5yr old boy laughed so hard, he pooped his pants. Nice. We looked up at that moment and the doors close. Of course.The attendant says remain in your seats we are cleared for take off. Ahhh!! Matt is, well look at the picture. Upset. He has to ride dirty for a bit. Alex is fainting at the smell. KP is mortified. I am hating myself for not being prepared and not thinking to have an extra pair of underwear. But then why would I?! Wah!

So, after the buckle your seatbelt light goes off. Ding. Matt and KP go to the restroom. They come back to their seats and for the rest of the flight...uh, day my sweet Matt went commando!! Sorry to the person who had to empty the trash and may have found MPs dirty drawers in airplane trash. :(

So there you have it. I bet you will pack an extra pair as will I from now on. I know I will.

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Janice L. Lopez said...

Well my sister I'm afraid NYC taught me a valuable lesson. I do carry extra underwear in my purse. That's right my purse. In my little kit (a clear make-up bag just like you) I have underwear along with wet wipes, Tylenol, tissues, scissors, tampons, panty liners (my depends which I'll wear on a long travel day just in case), etc. The thing is you just never know and when you laugh with your whole body like we do you gotta. Poor Matt.


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