Sunday, August 28, 2011

And Now A Matthew Moment

This is Phoebe and the boys.
Her brothers. She was 11 here.
Its been a few weeks since the last Matthew Moment. They occur daily but, I just can't post them all. Sorry. There are just too many. As you know I save the best ones to share with you guys. This one is no different. For the last few days Alex (8) and his cousin Madeline (10) have been co-writing a comic book. They get on Skype and discuss and write it together while Alex types it up on Word. Smart kids. Love them. I was still picking my nose at 8 and 10. Any who. Today Matthew (5) decides he wants to write a book. "A book," I say. Really about what?! My dog, Phoebster (he calls her). Side note. Our 14 year old dog died on August 16 (on mine and Kevin's 14th anniversary). Her name was Phoebe. She was our furry child. The boy's sister. Our family member. We have talked a lot about how much we miss her. Lots of tears have been shed. Matt sometimes still talks about her as if she were still with us. Then he remembers and says. "Oh, yeah." "I forget."
This is a picture the boys on their own asked me to take on their iTouch. It is theday she died. The last picture we took of her.  She was very sick.We had to make the tough choice of putting her down. They were  We were devastated. Lots of tears.

Today. This afternoon. He wanted to write a book about her. Like Alex and Maddie. He asked me how this could happen. I told him all about Word. He asked if it was like a typewriter (how he knows about those. I don't know.) I said kind of. I set up a new Word document for him. I just let him go. Alex and I told him that he was on his own. We couldn't help him with it. Alex was off to do who knows what and I "had" to get ready for the GoGo's concert I was going to attend later. So, he said "Ok". And  he went at it. Before I knew it he came bouncing into my room and said, "I'm done!" "Can I read it to you?" I said sure. So, here is what he wrote. I was and still am very impressed that at five he was able to write, type, express, spell, etc. the following story. He is lacking in the punctuation department but, he's 5! I know he can recognize and tell you what a period, question mark, and coma are called. Placing them in sentences not so much. Anyway. I just had to share. Brag a bit. Plus I wanted to share how sweet he is and how much he must really miss his dog. Tear. P.S. Exploding Phoebe sounds kinda gross but, it is a game he and she played.  He
started Kindergarten this week. He's already writing books. Well paragraphs. Ha. Go, Matthew!! 

I scanned in his "book". It is the paragraph below. If you need to you can click on it and it will redirect you to a new page and it will be a little bit bigger to read. Enjoy his "book". I did. My sweet boy.

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Aunt Jenny said...

I'm not sure that most second graders could write that well. Wow! What an amazing kid! I also think it is special that he was able to help deal with his loss through writing. Thanks for sharing.


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