Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Its been so long since we last spoke. We got your Christmas card this week. Brought tears to my eyes. You have grown so much. Oh, how I miss your sweet smile and your soft hugs. I want to hear all about school, and your new friends. I heard ya'll got a pool this summer. I miss you! I also miss your dad yelling, "B. Loooooooooo!" every time he'd see me. Jordan looks so tall! OMGosh. I don't think I'd recognize him if I saw him in person. He is a teenager now! Lauren is just as pretty as ever. I wonder how she is doing now that she is in 5th grade. Is she excited about middle school next year?! And your mom. OH, how I miss her. It hurts. I need to call her. I need to make the time. Life is crazy. BUT I need to hear her voice. I miss you, Sarah. I hope that this Christmas is just awesome for you guys!!

Please know that I think about you guys all the time!

Brenda (:

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