Friday, July 25, 2008

FUN FIND: Barats and Bereta's new video

Two of my fave guys are back with a new video. Barats and Bereta two hilarious guys, stars of the "Mother's Day" video that I so love are back with the following video. It is so funny. They are so silly and CUTE. They make me laugh! Enjoy!!

Double Dragon
Do they have any formal martial arts training? NO. But do they have a deeply-rooted obsession with Double Dragon? YES!!! (Note: When attempting to dye your karate gi either red or royal blue, don't use the cheapest fabric dye available at Wal-Mart.)
Red (Pink) Guy: Luke Barats, Blue (Periwinkle) Guy: Joe Bereta, Young Woman: Heather Moxcey, Camera: Ben Mallahan

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