Friday, July 16, 2010

Life lessons and a few notes to self.

I am traveling with the familia today. We are San Francisco bound. One our fave cities, for KP and me. Thirteen years ago in August, we spent our honeymoon there. Today we are taking our boys to visit this oh so awesome city by the bay.

That said. I must make a note to self for future reference. As already on this flight I have encountered some life lessons. Well, a few actually. First of all, "white" pants no matter how cute, summer-y and outfit making they are, are never a good idea when traveling with young children. With or without kids for that matter. White pants. Not good. One good thing to know about white pants and Chardonnay though is that, Chardonnay does not stain. A lesson I learned when I decided to wear my Chardonnay on my white right pant leg. Ugh! A waste of a free drink coupon. But no stainage. Yay! Another, thing I learned is that those little beverage cups that the airline serves your drinks in hold a whole lotta drink. When I say I wore the wine, I did. My pant leg and carry on were soaked. I could have wrung out a few sips into my cup. So wet! Ugh! But no stains. Good. No evidence of my clumsiness. Smile.

So, learn from my mistakes people. No white pants. And if you do go white then drink white, too. Just in case! Lol!

P.S. Ladies be sure you check your calendar before committing to wearing white, if you know what I mean. That is another story entirely. My outfit is super cute though and worth the trials and tribulations. I feel pretty. Isn't that what really matters!? (:

Peace and Love from the friendly skies!

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MommyGirl said...

MAXI? Girl, don't you know better than to make me laugh out LOUD this early in the morning? I might wake my kids up and defeat the purpose of being up at 4 freakin o'clock!
Y'all enjoy San Francisco, and eat a Dungeness crab for the Pharaons! Hope you get a chance to go to the Aquarium with the boys--it's in our top 2 so far! (That and Georgia!)


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