Sunday, July 25, 2010

My anniversary present? Ehem. I think not.

So, my DH gave me an iPad for my/ our anniversary. I was totally surprised and so excited when he gave it to me. I have really had a blast with it. I super duper heart it!
On our recent trip to SF though I realized that maybe Maxi (my iPad) was not intended for just me. Maybe when KP gave it to me he was planning on Maxi being a family present. I suddenly felt like Marge Simpson, when Homer gave her a bowling ball for her birthday. The bowling ball was for her, but it had been inscribed with Homer's name on it. He bowled. She did not. KP watches The Simpsons everyday after work. I too watch on occasion.

Anyway, in SF each morning I would awake to Maxi's white light glow on KPs face. Then if it wasn't KP it was the boys using her. I don't mind sharing Maxi don't get me wrong. Its just that the boys have been clocking a ton of time with Maxi and making me the last in line. Hello! My present. Right? The card did say it was "To" me. :S

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