Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And Now A Matthew Moment

Today after swim lessons Matthew asked me if he could use the computer. I said, "sure". He said, "I want to make a comic strip like, Alex." I said, "OK." I went about my business. This was about 5:30 this evening. After dinner (about 7:30), Kevin asked me to look at a website link. He wanted to show me something. So, we went to the computer. It was turned off. How nice. Matthew remembered to return the computer the way he found it when he sat down to it, I thought. I turned it on. Before I knew it the printer started printing. Hmmm, I thought. I guess Matt must have printed something but, forgot about it and turned the computer off anyway. So, KP and I looked at what he wanted to show me. I then reached down to pull off what the printer printed. Look what I found. Matt's comic that he made on Scholastic.com. When I read it I really thought I might wet my pants. He truly is Hi-larious. He sat and did this all on his own. I asked Alex, if he helped and he said, "No!" Of course I had to share (to see it bigger click on the pic). Who knows what Matt will think of next?! When he does you can read about it here. Lol!

P.S. We did have a little talk about his "potty" word usage in his strip. He said, I had to cause it was about Captain Underpants. True. "But, still..." I said. Ugh. Oh, and "toots". Don't know where he got that word from but, he uses it daily. And that is what he calls me. When I pick him up from school he'll say, "Hey, Toots!" Double, UGH! My boy. Love him. But he is only 4 almost 5! I am in trouble. Ya think??

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