Saturday, October 02, 2010

Driveway Dissection. Yes. I said it.

Got home from soccer & earned major cool points. KP ran over a small snake in the driveway. RIP. My boys being all about snakes were so excited. So, iPad in hand we looked up snake anatomy & w/a snake guide found what kind we think it might have been. I then busted out some gloves & a razor (not from my purse, TG but in the house) & bam dissection in the driveway. Don't show me even a pic of a rat cause I will freak way out! Snake dissection. Cake. Boys & I now know the parts of a snake inside and out. KP watched. Very fun moment w/my boys. An impromtu driveway dissection...and that people is how I roll.

1 comment:

MommyGirl said...

But that's why you ROCK! Your boys are so lucky! (All 3 of them!)


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