Monday, February 11, 2013

Clearing out the clutter: The 40 Trash Bag Challenge

By now you may know that I am always cleaning or clearing out stuff. I love to go through stuff from time to time. All the time. Lets be honest. I look for things we don't use, wear, or play with. For me to fill a bag or two and remove it from our house is truly cathartic. It not only physically removes it from our home it mentally removes a weight from my shoulders and brain. It comes easy to me. I bag it up. Donate it. Or pass it on to others that can use it. Freecycle. I keep an empty 13 gallon trash can out in the garage. Everytime I find something we do not need anymore it goes in the "bucket". When it fills up. I bag it up. I know that for some this does not come easy. Be it sentimental reasons or maybe just being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. A friend shared this article with me. Its great. Worth the read. And maybe you have been looking around your home and wanting to but, just don't know where to start...this article may just be the encouragement and motivation you have been looking for. It is a great thing to do for lent! Get the whole family involved. Remember this. Getting rid of the "stuff" does not get rid of the memory! Its ok. Even if someone gave it to you. -B

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