Friday, February 22, 2013

Everything Has Its Place. Sometimes You Just Need To Find It.

So. I am organized. Yes. But. What does that mean really? To me it means I have a space and place for everything. Everything. Everything has its "SPLACE". Splace = Space and place. Oh. You got that. Of course you did. Just making sure. If you have somewhere for it. Your stuff. Then you always have a splace to put it!! Yea! And this makes me happy when that happens. :) Your family can then help you put things back in its splace where it goes. It can happen. Becomes routine. It does. Sometimes you just have to get creative and find a place to put things! Example:

Take this piece of furniture below. A dear friend gave it to me. Thanks, Keri. I love it. After I found a splace for "it",  it later became what you see now.  A splace for the boys craft supplies. Before it housed some odds and ends. See, I used to have a Rubbermaid box full of these craft things and would bring it out when they felt creative and then would open it up in the kitchen and then I would box it up again.

Since, the cabinet just so happens to be right near the kitchen. Tada!! It became the craft supply cabinet. Now the boys have access to it 24/7. Well really. 12/7. Good bye Rubbermaid box. We have a splace for the "stuff" now. So, see look around and make things that work for you. Get creative! Make things flow. Find a splace!

So here is the cabinet that. Sits off the living room.
The baskets below for now are full of Penny's things.
Here? That way we can grab her a treat, leash, toy. Its
by the back door. The boys can both reach them as well.

Inside the cabinet. Playdoh, stickers, markers, glue, paints....oh, my!

I labeled these so the boys could read
the box and grab what they needed quicker.

In the drawers. Left side has paper. Right side is a table cloth
that they have to put on my table before they get crafty.
There are also old Ts and aprons when they use paint. 

See. Cabinet is right by the table. The table.
Where the craft magic happens. :)

I hope this post inspires you to find a splace for something that you have around your house that is currently homeless. Remember. Make it work for you. Get creative. And don't forget to share. I wanna hear all about it!! I will share more of my tips and tricks, too.

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